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frinnst2teK__: I dont know about -LAH07:44
frinnst2now i do (until i forget it again)07:44
Romsterconfigure: error: cairo support requested but not found07:52
Romster=======> ERROR: Building '/var/ports/packages/harfbuzz#1.3.3-1.pkg.tar.xz' failed.07:52
frinnst2Dependencies: cairo07:54
Romsterhmm run revdep now and see07:55
Romsteroh my freetype is broken sorry07:55
Romsterharfbuzz broke freetype07:55
Romsterfreetype:/usr/lib/ missing library07:56
Romstermissleading configure error07:56
Romsterof course that fixed it07:57
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frinnst2jue: where is your pub-file for your repo?10:54
frinnst2nevermind :-)10:54
frinnst2Romster: did installing pinentry-gtk2 help with thunderbird?13:31
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jaegerIs there a more efficient way to do this? (shell is dash)18:20
jaegerif [ ! -z "`mount | awk '$3 == "/sys/firmware/efi/efivars" { print }'`" ]; then18:21
jaeger    mount --bind /sys/firmware/efi/efivars /mnt/sys/firmware/efi/efivars18:21
jaegerThis is in setup-chroot for 3.3, bind-mounting the efivar fs if it's mounted outside the chroot18:21
jaegerOn non-EFI systems it won't be mounted, hence the check18:21
jaegeractually, that's probably dumb. I forgot about /proc/mounts18:25
jaegerif grep -qs /sys/firmware/efi/efivarfs /proc/mounts; then18:25
jaeger(minus the path type)18:26
jaegertypo... /sigh18:26
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pedjawat? "configure: error: Couldn't compile Qt without -fPIC nor with -fPIC"18:58
pedjawireshark-2.0.7 (2.2.1 seems to be crashy/segfaulty)18:59
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teK__frinnst2: you are mostly welcome20:30
teK__ANy news on Zoidberg? I am lacking some input from him20:30
teK__I did quick test for ~5 Minutes and ~100pkgs and it worked for me. Any errors before the dump?20:44
pedjateK__, 2.0.7 works fine, afaict, no segfaults so far.20:47
teK__I tested 2.2.120:49
pedja2.2.1 was 'disable capture live update, start capture, stop capture, crash' for me20:50
pedjaboth gtk and qt gui20:50
pedjabut if it works for you, the problem has to be on my side20:51
teK__let me know if you have any error messages (i.e. by starting it via a terminal)20:53
pedjajust the segfault error in dmesg/in the terminal, nothing else20:55
pedjaerror 4 in's it.20:56
teK__okay, next step: run it in strace and check the last instructions before the crash20:56
teK__next next step: enable debugging in the pkgfile, rebuild, enable core dump dumping and throw the core file into gdb and check the call trace20:57
frinnstteK__: ftth is done. though the fiber isnt lit up yet20:57
frinnst"should take one or two weeks"20:57
frinnst8 days and counting!20:57
frinnstdo we have a list with current opt/contrib maintainers including email addresses?20:59
pedjateK__, I'l do that tomorrow and ping you, OK?20:59
teK__frinnst: minus the protoype line21:03
frinnstwho is the prototype guy?21:03
frinnstsounds like an interesting chap!21:04
teK__he's from a patch file ;)21:04
frinnstquite a few of those folks have retired, no?21:04
teK__who is this darned CRUX System Team21:06
teK__in opt :-)21:06
teK__is this intentional? Those are ex core ports, I'd guess21:07
frinnstgoodie. had juef's key already. sending him the contrib priv-key21:08
teK__and now my bank's website is down. Thanks Donald!21:16
frinnstsent them a mail21:20
frinnstshame we have so few developers these days21:25
frinnstACTION looks at pedja & rmull 21:25
teK__I updated flash myself, FF is complaining21:30
Worksterfrinnst2> Romster: did installing pinentry-gtk2 help with thunderbird? <- yes that solved my problem.23:51

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