IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2016-11-15

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frinnst2Supermicro Add-on Card AOC-SIM1U-3B+ REV: 3.0011:55
frinnst2TotalEUR 59.8011:55
frinnst2Your order was placed.11:58
frinnst2Estimated delivery:  Thu, Nov. 2411:58
frinnst2assuming its the 3B+ revision when i get it, i'll order a 3D12:04
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frinnstxorg-server 1.1919:02
frinnstnew dep: libxfont219:02
frinnstquick and drity port if someone else wants to play19:12
frinnstoh jue pushed it already?19:47
jueno, only libxfont2 for now ;)20:46
juewill do some more testing tomorrow, but 1.19 seems to work fine so far20:48
jueoh, sorry, thought you published a xorg-server port20:51
pedja3.3 will ship with xorg-1.18 and mesa-12.x, or have the plans changed?21:01
pedjaI am just curious, I'll have to wait to nvidia release a new driver before I update, anyway21:03
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