IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2016-11-16

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frinnstmight as well do mesa 13 and server 1.1907:03
juehmm, do we ever had a plan to stick with old versions of xorg-server and mesa for 3.3?08:32
juedon't see a reason why we should do that08:33
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frinnst2yeah. will only add more headache when we do upgrade11:09
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juefrinnst: I run into errors with several xorg ports ->
juewith 1.1912:55
jueguess they will provide new fixed versions and if not we could take the chance to remove that old stuff ;)12:57
juemore important: no problems with intel and nouveau12:58
frinnst2amdgpu fails. had to build from git13:00
frinnst2amdgpu IS THE MOST IMPORTANT DRIVER :>13:00
frinnst2I dont think many of those drivers will work on x86_64 hardware even13:00
frinnst2savage is agp only. r128 is probably pci only13:01
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frinnst2no glue about glint, mga or trident13:01
frinnst2trident was 2d only iirc. and it might be used in some vm environments13:01
frinnst2SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 27, 1996--3Dlabs(R) Inc. today announced that its reference board designs for the GLINT(R) 500TX and GLINT 300SX 3D graphics accelerators13:04
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frinnst2mga is for matrox13:06
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