IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2016-11-17

Romsterwill xorg-server 1.19 work with nvidia?01:53
Romsteri might have to test that later on my other machine01:54
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frinnstdoubt it straight away07:20
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frinnst2w t f11:17
frinnst2they expect to connect my network again in january / february11:17
frinnst24 weeks my ass11:17
frinnst260mbit dsl ordered..11:22
pedjaRomster, not yet, but the new driver should land soon-ish.12:20
jueI've just created a handbook copy for 3.3, so if someone has some spare time feel free to adjust it, please13:11
juejaeger: is iso.git up-to-date?13:12
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jaegerjue: not quite, I'll push my local changes today15:08
jaegerIt's mostly just 3.2 -> 3.3 text changes, a kernel update, and the latest UEFI tweaks15:15
frinnst2xfont2 too15:46
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jueyeah, added xfont2 already to TODO3317:16
jaegerjue: iso changes pushed20:44
jaegersorry for the delay, been a busy day20:44
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