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Worksterjaeger, one little thing if any one renames or copies any ports collections from say compat-32.rsync.inactive to compat-32.rsync, rejmerge will fix compat-32.rsync.inactive but what will happen is compat-32 and contrib will end up still pointing to 3.2 and the .inactive will point to 3.3 can we add a sed line to the helper update to look for crux 3.2 and change it to 3.3 for compat-32 and contrib00:10
Worksteror at least make a note of this in the handbook?00:10
Worksteri've seen it happen with previous releases where one will be on the older contrib repo00:11
jaegersomething like that?01:23
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Worksterjaeger, yes but also for existing /etc/ports/contrib.rsync /etc/ports/compat-32.rsync files04:31
Workstersed -e 's|3.2|3.3|g' /etc/ports/contrib.rsync > $ROOT/var/lib/pkg/rejected/etc/ports/contrib.rsync04:32
jaegerrejmerge should take care of that04:32
Workstersomething like that for them 2 files that are not the .inactive04:32
Workstersay you already enabled contrib and compat-32 those two files wont get bumped to 3.304:33
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Worksteronly the .inactive will04:33
jaegertake a closer look at the link I pasted04:37
jaegerAfter an upgrade, setup will have installed contrib.rsync.inactive and you'll already have contrib.rsync. If setup finds both of them it will then move contrib.rsync.inactive to /var/lib/pkg/reject/etc/ports/contrib.rsync04:38
jaegerthen when you run rejmerge (which you do, right?) it will prompt you to update04:38
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Worksteroh... sorry yes that will cover it.04:39
jaegeryeah, that was exactly the issue for which those lines were added a while back :)04:39
Worksteri always rejmerge04:39
Worksterbut in the past it never did fix that04:40
Worksternot sure when that was added.04:40
Worksterprobably was then when i noticed this.04:40
Workster# one-time fix for .inactive ports files04:41
Worksterone time fix for active ports files maybe04:41
Worksteri didn't look at it closer. sorry about that. also been in and out of the office04:42
Worksterwhat is left on the todo list?04:42
Workster only that by the looks ofit04:45
jaegerall good04:47
Worksteri have a 7 node distcc cluster i'll start testing most ports on 3.305:20
Romster=======> ERROR: Signature mismatch found:08:35
Romsteron anything in contrib utill you manually copy the file to /etc/ports/08:36
Romsterit could do with a public key not found error?08:36
jueRomster: will add the contrib pubkey to core/ports later09:07
jueFYI, I've postponed the source-rename feature for now cause I think the whole thing needs more time and energy09:23
jueerverything I've seen so far is not really promising09:24
juehave to run now, bbl09:25
Romsterother than making a file and to put that and the in /etc/ports09:26
Romsterand possibly improve the pkgmk signify error for missing pub file09:26
Romstersource-rename isn't critical as we don't set the PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR09:27
frinnst2just signed for SIM1U-3B+10:26
frinnst2time to buy a 3C10:28
frinnst23D asdf10:29
RomsterteK__, mercurial has moved to
Romsterand is at version 4.010:32
frinnst2kvm for looks like a reality now10:33
Romsterthough you were going to run on bare metal10:34
frinnst2we are10:36
frinnst2but with supermicro ipmi10:37
frinnst2finding the right harware has been a bit tricky. we need a SIM1U-3B+ and SIM1U-3D10:38
frinnst2SIM1U-3B+ was a bitch to find10:38
Romsteryou only need impi if no one is on site to attach a screen and keyboard to it.11:55
Romsteron the rare occasions11:55
Romsterand i have been reading in here about not being able to get the right card.11:56
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RomsterteK__, your clang port is missing or it's missing out of llvm as revdep reports that is missing for clang13:05
Romsterand and many more that prt-get fsearch doens't even find in llvm or clang13:09
Romsteri think it's because of the now dyna library that llvm uses that the shared libraries option in cmake for clang has now broken it.13:11
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frinnst2ipmi is for kvm over ip too13:51
frinnst2hence the need for a SIM1U-3B+13:51
frinnst2SIM1U-3B didnt do kvm over ip13:52
frinnst2anyways. I've also ordered a SIM1U-3D13:58
frinnst2total cost ~100€13:58
frinnst2what remains are disks13:58
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jaegerrandom git alias I like: alias.lg=log --color --graph --pretty=format:'%C(auto)%h%Creset -%C(auto)%d%Creset %s %Cgreen(%cr) %C(bold blue)<%an>%Creset' --abbrev-commit22:33
pedjanice.I like to pass 'lcs = !git rev-parse --short HEAD' to git_create_archive.Nice short SHA of the last commit as a part of tarball name.22:42
pedjait's trivial, but handy22:42
pedjayou are using virtualization at work and in the home lab, right?opinions/gotchas on using hugepages on the host?23:05
pedjaI've been reading RH's Virtualization_Tuning_and_Optimization_Guide, and it has some interesting tips/practices23:07
pedjanot many of them applicable on my machine, but :)23:08
pedjathe more I learn, the more I realize the depths of my ignorance.23:10
jaegerI used hugepages when running a gaming VM with VFIO/GPU passthrough but in general I'm not sure if it matters much23:11
jaegerMy work and home lab are vmware vsphere23:12
pedjaany plans to move to HyperV?They give out free licences :)23:12
pedjafunny thing about the video on 2k16/hyperV I watched is the hype about 'virtual switch'.I was like 'wtf, dude ?!'23:15
pedjaand, for 10Gb network and NVme SSD, it runs preeety slowly, which is interesting.23:17
pedjaTechinalPreview, granted, but still23:18
pedjaIn the 'English as a second language' category, my country is 17th (of 75).So why the hell I can't spell properly?National disgrace I am.23:23
pedjaThe first is, what a surprise, Sweden.23:26
pedjaBut they have fierce winters, too, so it balances out.23:27
jaegerI don't plan to switch. I like vmware and a personal hypervisor license is free. For a bigger lab VMUG advantage isn't free but it's cheap23:28
jaeger <-- this is neat.23:29
pedjaI imagine that is how the acid trip looks like :)23:32

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