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frinnstteK__: didnt we change to not sign footprints?01:36
frinnstor did I dream that01:36
frinnst=======> ERROR: Signature mismatch found:01:36
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pedjaI've been playing with xorg-1.19 on 3.2, and it works fine.the only issue are nv and qxl video drivers (they won't recompile).15:34
juejaeger: just recognized that linux-firmware is not on our iso, intentionally?15:35
pedjabut, I don't need them, so it's not bothering me15:35
pedjajaeger, since mesa3d in 3.3 enables Vulkan, any thoughts on doing the same with nvidia?15:39
pedjait's one extra lib and one extra file in /etc, iirc15:40
pedjanvidia icd file in /usr/share/vulkan/icd.d and$version.I think.15:45
jaegerI hadn't added it because I didn't know if the discussion had already happened about splitting it up or putting the whole port on the ISO16:03
frinnsthm, anybody have trouble building qt4 and net-snmp in 3.3?16:10
frinnstdont remember having problems with those before.. i've even explicityly patched net-snmp to work in 3.316:11
frinnstmight help to actually build from the fixed port..16:38
jaegerI haven't built either in 3.3 yet16:39
frinnstqt4 seems somewhat broken. testing a patch now..16:40
frinnsti've also taken it upon myself to fix some p5 ports 3.3 footprint :)16:40
jaegerpedja: I have no objections, just haven't done any looking into vulkan, myself16:49
frinnstso opt/iperf seems to be the only remaining port i have trouble with17:35
frinnstseems we are on an unsupported 2.x verison17:35
juejaeger: not really, but I think that no one will do the splitting work, and the round about 75M will not hurt that much nowadays18:25
jaegerdo we want to put linux-firmware into ISO_PACKAGES as well as just on the ISO?20:43
jaegerso that it can be used before chroot?20:43
pedjajaeger, I played with it a little, mostly out of curiosity.20:57
pedjaWorks fine, afaict.20:58
jaegergood to know21:01
pedjasome minor changes to nvidia port, and that's it.21:05
pedjabut I'll have to test it with the latest vulkan-sdk/vulkan-icd-loader.21:19
pedjaif it picks up the right hardware21:19
pedjayay, include files conflict with mesa3d and vulkan-sdk (2 of them)21:42
frinnstspeaking of linux-firmware21:47
frinnstACTION slaps tek21:47
frinnstupdate plz21:48
frinnstdid a rebuild of everything so opt/linux-firmware overwrote amdgpu firmware with older version21:48
frinnstresulting in 55db fanspeeds21:48
frinnstnearly shat myself :D21:48
frinnstalso the lack of a monitor signal is somewhat problematic21:49
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jaegerheh, sounds annoying21:51
pedjaAMD is for the hackers and tinkerers.Only boring people use Nvidia.21:54
pedjaInstall the driver, reboot, done.(most of the time)21:55
pedjawhere's the fun in that?21:56
frinnstamdgpu is somewhat hacker-friendly21:58
frinnstradeon just works21:58
pedjaradeon is for the older, amdgpu for newer cards, right?22:00
pedja{it's easier to ask than to google)22:01
pedjaor Bing.'I Bing'd it' just doesn't sound right.22:02
pedjaso, how do I deal with mesa3d and vulkan-sdk includes conflicting?Overwriting will break mesa, not will (probably) break vulkan-sdk.22:07
pedja(apologies if I am more annoying than usual, I've been drinking beer all day)22:11
teK__btw.. did we check that its ok for nobody to have an empty login shell value in passwd? It defaults to /bin/sh22:33
teK__frinnst: perl footprints fixed23:05
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