IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2016-11-21

Romsteryou may want to fix your clang port teK__01:50
Romstersince you changed llvm you broke clang. revdep -vvv clang01:51
Romsterthe dynlib options need to be the same for clang01:51
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teK__fired the rebuild yesterday before going to bed09:51
teK__I expect a rebuild is required for clang to work again09:52
teK__more: soon09:52
Romsterjust making sure you seen the problem09:54
teK__I did, thanks09:55
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teK__Romster: is in llvm's footprint and also in the newly package from just now12:49
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jaegerWhat's the process for updating compat-32.git in 3.3? merge 3.2 into 3.3 then update signatures recursively?18:33
jaeger(specifically for pulling 3.2 updates, I don't mean for individual ports)18:49
Romsteri was gonna wait for the last day of release as getting compat-32 up wont take much effort21:15
Romsterdid you even push them commits teK__ i don't see them in ports -u21:20
teK__none required?21:46
teK__hm, now its also broken on my test system21:48
teK__well well. Not today.21:48

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