IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2016-11-22

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pedjajue, any particular reason chrony runs as root, unlike the ntp or openntpd?17:19
teK__because it does not spit out CVEs on a monthly basis, as NTP does? :\17:21
frinnstjue: CVE-2016-1248 was assigned for a vulnerability in Vim which would allow17:48
frinnstarbitrary shell commands to be run if a user opened a file with a17:48
frinnstmalicious modeline.17:48
frinnstThis has been fixed in Vim by patch 8.0.0056[0]17:48
frinnstjaeger: have you added linux-firmware in your local tree?19:36
frinnstsweet. i'll check it off in the todo list19:37
jaegerbuilt an ISO with it, too, though I haven't had time to test it yet19:37
frinnstACTION pokes tek19:38
frinnstpleeease update linux-firmware19:38
frinnstI can roll a tarball and give you a patch if you'd like19:38
teK__on it..19:39
teK__are you referring to updating or splitting the tarball19:40
frinnstsplitting it up will only be painful20:06
frinnstim already uploading a tarball to crux.nu20:07
frinnstits in my homedir20:09
frinnst-rw-r--r-- 1 fredrik fredrik 73M nov 22 21:09 linux-firmware-20161122.tar.bz220:10
frinnst-rw-r--r-- 1 fredrik fredrik 39M nov 22 21:05 linux-firmware-20161122.tar.xz20:10
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teK__so push the update yourself20:58
Romsterjue, your mupdf is missing dependencies: mesa3d xorg-libxcursor xorg-libxrandr xorg-libxinerama21:08
RomsterRedundant deps for mupdf are: curl xorg-libxext21:12
RomsterRight is: # Depends on: freetype libjpeg-turbo mesa3d xorg-libxcursor xorg-libxinerama xorg-libxrandr21:12
frinnstI dont have anywhere to host it teK__22:37
frinnstanyways i thought you'd could fetch my tarball from and use that22:37
frinnstunless you have already rolled your own22:37
teK__I stopped doing that midway22:37
teK__url pls22:37
teK__will host it on distfiles.serverop.de22:37
teK__ACTION using https URL22:38
teK__et voila, monsieur22:45

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