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jaegerteK__: my bootstraps *still* fail frequently on gnu-efi... wish that were consistent05:19
frinnst2those issues are fun08:16
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teK__so sometimes it fails, sometimes it doesnt?16:09
teK__do you have a log handy?16:09
juefrinnst2: thanks, new version is on the way16:19
jueRomster: thanks, will fix16:20
jaegerteK__: exactly. I don't have one currently but I'm sure if I build it a few times I'll get one, heh16:46
juepedja: no, no reason, but probably a good idea to change that17:07
juewill have a look17:07
jueteK__: indeed, chrony's security history isn't bad17:11
jaegerIt's a lot younger, there's still time :D17:12
Romster# prt-get cat gtk3 .footprint |grep update21:17
Romster# prt-get cat gtk .footprint |grep update21:17
Romsterah damn it ate my lines21:17
Romsteran no it's fine21:17
Romsterbut this is what the hell gtk has the binary and gtk3 has the man page...21:17
Romsterfrinnst, can you look into that some time ^21:18
RomsterteK__, clang appears fine21:22
teK__I opted for simply removing the shared_libs option to make use of the current and future default21:23
teK__now: building facter because I was mad enough to start looking into adding crux support to puppet21:23
teK__after all, I am on PTO21:23
Romsterstill wondering why it seems to compile all the llvm stuff in the clang port than to use what's on the system already through21:23
teK__it's in the book ..21:24
teK__and I am not sure if it does build everything from LLVM again21:24
Romsterseems to do that then you strip the llvm part out of clang then it will use the llvm port on the system to run with.21:24
Romsteri'm not certain but next time take a look at the linked files it spits out on console, from llvm and then clang.21:25
teK__Clang is designed to be built as part of an LLVM build.21:25
teK__we had to split things :]21:25
teK__see my comment from yesterday in #crux21:25
Romsterit works so i am not fussed about it but it was an observation21:25
teK__it's not perfect, obvisously21:25
Romsteri know why it was split for less time on mesa3d21:26
teK__but forcing clang on everybody isnt, either. And we had clang only before. iirc.21:26
Romsterit works and not many will be building clang anyways21:26
teK__I wanted to toy with BPF but have not had the time, yet :-)21:26
teK__and facter just failed again :[21:27
Romsteri'm just saying it appears to build that way, don't know if they ever had a use system llvm option for clang or they need to make one upstream21:27
teK__I cannot parse the error message21:27
Romsteris it that bad21:27
teK__it's c++, so it's a 4k screen long :P21:30
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teK__wrong, longer.21:31
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Anon867I really like the CRUX philosophy and am going to try it out tonight21:36
teK__Good to hear21:36
Anon867Has the kernel been patched since dirtycow?21:36
teK__if you have any development related things, they go here. Everything else goes to #crux21:36
Anon867I'd say kernel patching is dev related21:37
teK__3.3 should contain a patched version. For current installations (3.2), you can simply upgrade your kernel. There is no package for the kernel21:37
teK__mildly related :-)21:37
Romstermildly amusing
Anon867Alright so i would just get the new kernel from and run 'make menu' and copy the vmlinuz.img21:39
Romsterregarding key bindings in vte21:39
teK__make menuconfig, yes21:39
Romsteron 3.2 no on 3.3 most likely21:39
onoderamake install also works21:40
onoderaand automatically updates lilo and moves everything to the right place21:40
teK__Romster: how is that amsuing? rahter boring, I'd guess. But what do I know :]21:40
Romsteri still use copy onodera, i dunno why.21:40
Anon867Ok nice. I know quite a bit of C and I've been looking for a good source based distal with a good community. If I like CRUX I'll probably contribute some scripts and things21:40
RomsterteK__, that it's been standing ope for this long with no fix.21:41
Romster this guy gave up on that and forked vte21:41
teK__Anon867: sure, make sure to check out our wiki and try to get accomodated, things work a bit differently around here21:41
teK__oh, that's bad21:41
Anon867I've read the wiki and the guidelines for submitting ports and stuff21:42
Romsterand i happen to have contrib/vte3 with that patch but then i later seen sepen added opt/vte-gtk3 and did not notice my contrib/vte3 port21:42
Romsteri knew about the clash but then i forgot about it until just now.21:43
Anon867Do you use CRUX as your main OS right now?21:43
Romsteri use it on my desktop and 8 other computers here :)21:43
Anon867wow. So you like it?21:44
Romsteryes 8 at home.21:44
Romsterlike it that much i became a packager21:44
teK__we're (core/-) maintainers, of course we like it21:44
Anon867I've used Arch on everything so far. But I hate the idea of any precompiled binaries21:44
Romsterwe need more contrib packagers i've collected about ~50% of contrib ports i maintain21:44
Romsterwell we use minimal pre-compiled other than libreoffice and a few others21:45
Anon867I saw the ncurses bug has that been fixed yet?21:45
RomsterPkgfiles are so easy to make though you can extend what is missing21:45
Anon867Yeah I'll just use vim :)21:46
Romsterthere is leafpad or nano or other options.21:46
Romsterprefer using vim or gvim21:46
Romstermost people from arch that come here are trying to get away from systemd21:47
Romsteri really haven't heard of any saying about binary packages21:47
Anon867I use terminal programs 99% of the time21:47
Romsteri prefer source, even if i have to spend hours building it.21:47
Anon867Oh yeah I don't like systemd21:48
Anon867Me too21:48
Anon867I prefer to just use wget and gcc  instead of some package manager21:48
Romsterhaving said that i do package a few for crux that take forever to build. if you ever need a quick fix.21:48
Romsteri do this for those that run crux on slow machines.21:49
Anon867Like they're pre compiled? Or optmized?21:50
Romsteryou have to manually prt-get depinst firefox --ignore=firefox then grab the pkg.tar.xz and pkgadd firefox#49.0-1.pkg.tar.xz21:50
Romsterit's just x86_6421:50
Romsterno special CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS21:50
Romsterjust some find t takes them 3 hours plus to build on there old hardware. so i make it a little easier for those.21:51
Anon867I stay away from large programs. It's usually unnecessary21:51
teK__more systemd love on the ML right _now_21:51
Anon867Firefox= elinks or lynx21:51
Romstertrue there are options21:51
Romsterthat's the ting you can be without xorg21:52
Romsterjust mold crux how you like it21:52
Romsternone of this several editions of ubuntu just one crux install what you like21:52
Romsteri have to get moving now to work21:53
Anon867I'm gonna have a chroot for evey program21:53
Anon867And a separate user and group also21:53
Romsterwell there is also docker21:55
Anon867It's coded in Go though21:55
teK__ @Romster21:56
teK__other symbol errors I had with different version combinations yielded that the library actually was linked in and also contained the symbols21:57
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WorksterteK__, different g++ options like trying C++11 and or using 1 make job?22:16
teK__-j1 is in use22:18
Worksterlxc could be used in place of chroot maybe but i haven't looked into that Anon867 and he left.22:19
teK__he should check out minijail22:19
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