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teK__Workster: rebuilding cpp-hocon and not using the prebuilt version helped. I wonder what exactly was different in the binary version, I accidentially used.00:08
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WorksterteK__, probably a older g++ version that has ABI differences or they used a different -std=03:35
Worksterc++0x is supported since gcc4.3 while c++11 is supported since gcc4.703:36
Worksterand c++14 is in the most recent gcc03:36
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frinnst2ACTION just signed for the daughterboard10:34
frinnst2kvm over ip - here we come10:34
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teK__how much is it?11:35
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frinnstzoidberg is baaack bitches!12:32
teK__I guess he needs to catch up with a lot of things12:32
teK__my guess is, that John Oliver went bat shit crazy starting 9.1112:32
frinnstand now to change over dns..12:57
frinnsthe has been pretty up to date13:11
frinnstgah. stupid ttl13:11
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jaegerfrinnst: cool :)15:43
jaegerteK__: I built it 100 times in a for loop a few days ago and every single one succeeded... but every now and then it fails like this15:45
frinnstteK__: can you readd me to the mirror list?16:26
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frinnstjaeger: is it always gnu-efi that fails?18:56
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Romsterjaeger, out of curiosity i would try a older gcc version just to see if that solves that.21:13
Romsteror even try it with clang21:13
Romsterand you are doing 4 make jobs there too... it could be a race, but it would suck to build it 100 times at -j121:15
jaegerIt happens in both 3.2 and 3.3, regarding gcc version21:21
pedjateK__, rejoice, new gnupg is out :) (also pinentry, npth and libgpg-error)21:27
Romsterpinentry gave me hell until i installed pinentry-gtk21:28
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pedjaI use the curses one.btw, does gpg automagically invoke pinentry (curses for console, gtk for desktop) or?21:33
pedjaI don't see anything related in the gpg.conf21:33
jaegerIt seems to21:34
jaegerI use gpg through pass regularly and it runs pinentry (curses) without trouble21:35
pedjawith the segfault error in dmesg when I mess up the passphrase :)21:35
pedjapass is awesome21:36
pedjathere is a way to specify pinentry, but it is in the gpg-agent.conf21:41
Romsterthunderbird will use gtk pinentry for password entering etc.21:49
Romsternot sure on other email clients but some may just use the console21:50
pedjapinentry-gtk2 builds an additional (gnome3) dialog if it detects libsecret.heh.21:51
pedjapass broke when I installed pinentry-gtk222:01
pedjano pinentry dialog at all.22:04
frinnstI get a gtk dialog with pass and pinentry-gtk222:20
pedjacould the wrapper somehow check if it is called from the terminal, so invoke curses dialog?22:32
pedjaif both TERM and DISPLAY are set, TERM takes precedence, or something like that22:33
pedjapinentry-gtk2 can be compiled to use curses as a fallback, presumably when DISPLAY is not set.22:35
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