IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2016-11-25

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Romstercore/ports the source source=($name-$version.tar.gz... needs to be updated for https10:50
Romstermight be a few more http to https for in sources10:55
frinnstdont you get redirected to https automagically atleast?12:28
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nomiusHey guys18:38
nomiusIs it there a alpha/beta/testing ISO of the upcoming version?18:39
frinnstuntested I think, use with caution18:43
frinnstbut feel free to report any issues you find :-)18:44
nomiusThanks frinnst18:47
crash_frinnst: how do i get swedish äöå in terminal under X? i have done locale SV and so on and i have setxkbmap se in .xinitrc but no åäö in terminal but works fine under firefox19:02
nomiuslocales missing maybe?19:28
nomiuswrong terminal emulator? AFAIK you need unicode support... urxvt (unicode rxvt) are good options...19:29
crash_i have only tried lxterminal, maybe that one is not that good19:31
frinnstI use rxvt-unicode with en_US.utf819:41
nomiusRight, in fact I also have this in my profile when using urxvt:19:46
nomiusexport LC_CTYPE=en_US.utf8; printf "\33]701;$LC_CTYPE\007"19:46
crash_maybe i should try rxvt-unicode :)19:47
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teK__frinnst: done21:04
teK__btw, zoidy is not talking to me. Stupid sea animal.21:05
teK__jaeger: wat. This should be gcc bug (or cosmic rays on your end)21:06
teK__looping for it o my server, too21:06
frinnstwhat address are you using?21:16 ?21:16
frinnstyeah that baby is gone21:17
frinnstsold it21:17
teK__*updating ssh_config*21:17
teK__thanks ;)21:17
frinnstits an art gallery now21:17
teK__fucking artists21:18
frinnst"bra" = good21:18
frinnstand if you add an "o" in front it becomes un-good21:18
frinnstapparantly "obra" is also spanish for art or something21:18
frinnsti asked if they wanted to use it ironically because all the art was shit21:19
frinnstshe was not amused21:19
teK__well done21:19
teK__she still bought it, so she is not real and a sell out!!121:19
frinnstapparently the woman that bought the domain is a semi-famous photographer in that scene21:21
teK__jaeger: can reproduce the failure22:02
teK__ wat.22:03
teK__I am inclined to comment on this bug :}22:05
teK__/usr/bin/ar rv libefi.a x86_64/math.o22:55
teK__/usr/bin/ar: libefi.a: File format not recognized22:55
teK__sweet, that's a new one22:55

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