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RomsterteK__, could you add my key to the site it's listed in #crux or do i need to gpg sign and email you it?01:56
Romsteri haven't signed any of my ports as of yet01:58
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jaegerteK__: consistently?04:51
Romsteror anyone who can? oh righ tit's meant to be sepen that does the portsdb stuff but i think tek has mostly been doing it?07:42
frinnstSounds like that can be a lot of administrative work10:41
frinnstwe want the public keys to be shared as much as possible but what if a repo admin needs to revoke and replace a key? tell tek/sepen everytime?10:42
Romsterwell don't we have a portsdb email address that is monitored by sepen or a group of people?11:09
Romsterjust thought it be nice to have the key on the portsdb page11:09
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frinnst# ./IPMICFG-Linux.x86_64 -user list13:11
frinnstMaximum number of Users          : 3113:11
frinnstCount of currently enabled Users : 213:11
frinnstUser ID | User Name        | Privilege Level | Enable13:11
frinnst------- | -----------      | --------------- | ------13:11
frinnst      2 | ADMIN            | Administrator   | Yes13:11
frinnst      3 | getco            | Administrator   | Yes13:11
frinnstprevious owner of the impi board13:11
jaegerfrinnst: have you tried the KVM functionality?13:55
frinnstno i think i forgot to actually connect a network cable :D13:56
jaegeroops :D13:57
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frinnstsuccess \o/16:12
Anon868What did you succeed with?16:13
frinnstconnect a network cable :-)16:13
frinnst"Application Blocked for Security"16:13
frinnstoh joy - java applets16:13
Anon868Oh wow16:14
jaegerall of them are java, no matter the vendor :/16:14
Anon868I have never used java16:14
Anon868Is it an application?16:16
frinnstthe joy of running obsolete hardware i guess16:26
frinnstwell, rebooting works :D16:27
frinnstworks fine with java 1.6.0_24 atleast16:33
frinnstjaeger: trying to mount virtual media im greeted by "No disk emilation set."16:38
frinnstseen that before?16:38
frinnstah you have to do that from the kvm window16:38
Anon868Have you guys seen the pinebook??16:42
jaegerI've seen the website, haven't seen one in person16:46
jaegerfrinnst: nope, but I only did it from the java app window, I think16:46
Anon868It looks pretty awesome. CRUX works on A64 right?16:47
jaeger doesn't have much info yet, you might check in #crux-arm16:48
Anon868Is crux and crux-arm a unified project or completely separate?16:52
jaegersomewhere in the middle, I guess16:53
frinnstwee, booting from iso works too16:54
frinnstso we're in business16:54
frinnstso what we will need: for everyone needing kvm access - old java version16:54
frinnstfrom charlie: a separate mgmt network with vpn access to16:54
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frinnstand to purchase storage and then to migrate everything obviously16:55
frinnstjaeger: what ssd were we talking about? I forget.. samsung evo?16:56
frinnst750 evo?16:57
Anon868_Ssd's are great16:57
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frinnst850 evo perhaps. not much difference in price16:57
jaeger850 evo16:57
frinnstand 2 Raidsonic Icy Box Internal Cabinet 2.5" SATA 3.5"16:59
jaegerlooks like it should work17:00
frinnst= 2388SEK = 258.9617:00
jaegerDoes that include shipping?17:00
frinnstmy work can pay for that - we'll order it together with something else17:00
jaegerOK. If that changes just let me know17:01
frinnstI'll order it sometime next week17:01
frinnst same thing but a bit cheaper17:04
jaegerEither one should work17:05
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pedjateK__, clang installs some stuff in /usr/libexec.18:27
pedjaI know you are looking forward to yet another clang build :)18:28
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frinnstteK__: can you add to the mirror list?23:29
teK__I did23:29
teK__I also told you :-)23:29
frinnstoh :D23:31

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