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Romster-pk,  --public-key <file>   check the port siganture using public-key <file>02:41
Romstersomeone did a typo02:41
Romsteron pkgmk -h02:42
nomiusHe guys, on the crux-3.3-test1.iso, xorg-server (1.19) fails because xfont2 is missing03:14
jaegerthat's been fixed but there's not a test2 iso yet03:16
nomiusWhat's the port name jaeger03:18
jaegercheck the xorg-server dependencies03:18
jaegerI'll be testing a test2 iso in a few minutes, probably03:20
nomiusTo disable multilib, should I rebuild gcc and then glibc or the other way around (by disabling multilib in both packages)?03:32
jaegerI've never gone from multilib to non, not sure how much effort that is... but I'd seriously consider if it's really needed before applying the work03:34
Romsterit wont be much effort. butyou have to rebuild gcc as not multilib then glibc then i think you can remove glibc-3203:35
Romsteri haven't done it in ages try it in a virtual machine first.03:35
Romsterbut the effort of removing glibc-32 is not worth the trouble.03:36
nomiusYeap, that's what I'm doing, but wanted to confirm the right order03:38
nomiusThanks! :-)03:38
jaegerbinutils first, possibly03:38
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nomiusWell, binutils is not tight to multilib actually03:46
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jaeger-test2 is uploading to now, ETA ~7m04:01
nomiusAny important updates?05:08
jaegerNot if you're already test test105:08
jaegeralready testing05:09
nomiusSo I guess that prt-get sysup will do the job just fine, right?05:15
nomius(except for xorg-server which I already addressed myself)05:16
jaegerpretty much05:19
teK__frinnst: watching John Oliver E30 right now. omg :D12:22
teK__the satan's fridge thingy :D12:22
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nomiusCould you please update mp4v2 in contrib? I think there's version 2.1.0 and it's now hosted in github:
nomiusThere's also a few newer versions:
nomiusBut I don't know if the API might have changed between 2.x -> 3.x17:57
jaegerI'm not its maintainer17:58
nomiusOh, sorry, yo're its packager18:00
jaegerpackager fields are slowly being removed, should be less confusing in the future18:00
nomiusRomster ?18:01
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nomiusWell, worked :-)21:46
Romsteri'm not so sure if it's the original dev or jsut a fork by someone else.21:47
Romsteralso mp4v2 2.1.0 still says 2.0.0 in configure21:47
RomsterNo description or website provided.21:47
Romsterwhy no details.21:48
Romsterlookt this later i gotta go21:50

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