IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2016-11-30

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Worksteri can recommend it, been using it for a number of years now.02:48
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frinnstanyone with java installed, does it support socks proxies?13:49
frinnstif openvpn would be to cumbersome for charlie to setup for us we could perhaps just use a ssh jumpbox for kvm13:49
jaegerIt does.14:12
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juejaeger: did an update with test2 yesterday, worked well without issues16:03
jaegernice :)16:04
jueyeah :)16:04
frinnst time for a rc?17:09
jueyes, sounds like a plan :)17:21
juejust created a first, more or less empty, version of ReleaseNotes3-317:23
jaegerAny comments/concerns about linux-firmware on the ISO?17:35
juewell, my only concern is about size, 390M vs 540M18:21
juebut, I guess, we have to accept that18:21
jueand as long it fits on a single CD it's ok for me18:23
juejaeger: what's your opinion?18:27
jaegerIt's in test2, I meant about whether or not it's working18:37
jaegerI haven't had a chance to test on something that requires firmware yet18:38
jueok, sorry, I missunderstood19:33
juethe netbook I updated don't use any firmware19:35
juebut I can test it tomorrow with my laptop, which is waiting for an update too19:37
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frinnstthe final tarball is not that big21:15
frinnsti think the previous tarball had all the git-history too21:16
frinnstah right, its obviously decompressed on the iso21:16
jaegerthe package is 43M, looks like21:27
jaegerfinished ISO at least for test2 was ~546M21:27
teK__frinnst: gitotlite is there already21:53
teK__specify setup please21:53
teK__it is installed22:10
teK__and it is layed out as I think it would be fit for our use case22:10
frinnstoi, you've been busy22:11
teK__i.e. you have one dir with all keys as: and you link those files into the right directory to automaticalliy assign those users to their respective groups22:11
frinnsthere i was thinking you were just slacking of (like i am)22:11
teK__as I usually do :P22:11
Worksterdid anyone fix the spelling typo on pkgmk -h ?22:13
Workstersignature was spelled wrong22:13
teK__speaking of slacking of? :D22:13
teK__I dont think so22:14
Worksteri would have but i have no access to fix that22:14
teK__I can do it22:14
teK__let's see if I can spot it22:14
Workstereasy to spot two transposed letters22:15
Worksteri did mention it in here a couple of days ago too.22:15
Worksteri probably should of have made a bug report then22:15
teK__no :)22:15
teK__mind pointing me at it?22:16
Worksterit is obvious and i don't have my machine in linux atm to log into that.22:16
Worksterlet me pull up the git file for it.22:16
teK__got it22:17
teK__I did the typo! So I fix it. P22:17
Worksteri didn't see any others22:17
Worksteri never checked if the man page for pkgmk got a update to reflect this22:18
teK__sweet, someone (me?) went through that hassle =)22:20
teK__I did.22:20
jaegerjue: ok, got a chance to test it on a laptop with iwlwifi... the module loads properly but no firmware or device was loaded so I suspect I need to review the kernel config22:22
Worksterwhy do i see no diff on a merged branch;a=commitdiff;h=53ec86f6a311f4bcb146daf5fbb92acec60147a622:26
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