IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2016-12-02

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Romsterfrinnst, your has appended junk on the end of the file.09:23
Romsteri check the tar it matches the .tar.gz has an additional 824637 bytes of garbage at the end.09:23
Romsteralso i am taking a break from the irc channels my b-day tomorrow :)09:24
Romsterverify your files on your server please.09:24
Romsterwasted some of my time investigating this -_-09:24
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frinnstyeah i've had some problems recently with it. better just purge everything09:55
frinnsthappy bday :D09:55
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frinnstdlcusa: substituting the dependencies would not work12:52
frinnstI dont know what port coldfire is so cant really expand on why it doesnt work12:55
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dlcusafrinnst, sepen/coldfire but I'm not trying tp build it, I'm trying to understand how prt-get aliases work/don't work, and what to do about them.13:32
dlcusaLots of ports depend on x11 to no avail.13:35
dlcusaSorted list of missing ports as of yesterday 'coll port version missing-package':
frinnstx11 was replaced by xorg in crux 2.2 or something13:56
dlcusaYes: /var/lib/pkg/prt-get.aliases contains 'xorg: x11'13:59
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dlcusaRomster, what frinnst wrote! :) Mine is on Sunday--officially breathing 2/3rds of a century this past July.15:04
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