IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2016-12-11

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nomiusHi guys02:48
nomiusAnyone tried to built chromium on 3.3 test?02:49
nomiusSorry, build does work, is chromium the one failing :-S02:51
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jaegernomius: not I, I'm not a chromium user05:56
jaegeruploading a -test3 ISO now, same location as the last.
jaegerfrinnst: I bet a source dist on my old Sparc LX would be painful as well05:58
jaeger50MHz, 96MB RAM... zoom05:58
nomiusjaeger: how's the gpu acceleration in firefox?06:37
frinnstnice work with ffmpeg romster! now I can drop my own port :-)08:49
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nomiusHey guys,12:52
nomiusDo you post the core, opt, xorg upgrades builds somewhere?12:52
nomiussometimes building browsers takes ages on every new release...12:53
frinnstromster usually provide builds for the bigger packages13:38
frinnstbut nothing crux-official13:38
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nomiusfrinnst: do you have that romster's link?14:57
nomiusThanks pedja !15:04
pedjaI am not frinnst (I wish), but there you go :)15:04
nomiusI hope he start doing that for 3.3 as well :-)15:04
pedja3.3 is not out yet, so patience15:05
nomiusI know, I know... I just live on the bleeding edge :-)15:10
nomiusFor some reason, chromium build on 3.2 works perfectly fine in 3.3, but when I build it and run it on 3.3 it crashes sooo badly :-(15:11
nomiusAnd is a port that takes like 4 hours to build without killing my laptop...15:11
jaegernomius: not sure, haven't paid attention to the gpu accel in the browser15:32
frinnstnomius: ah, crashes for you too eh?16:02
frinnstglad im not alone. I have chromium installed on my 3.3 workstation at work16:02
nomiusfrinnst: thank god! I thought it was me that did something wrong when I removed multilib support :-)16:55
nomiusYou guys don't have API keys for chromium build, do you?16:56
jaegernot as far as I know16:56
pedjaI am not sure how useful it is when you strip almost all out.17:03
pedjaIridium might be...saner17:04
frinnstpushed eudev 3.2.1 to 3.317:14
frinnstseems like a pure maintenance release17:14
pedjanomius, why did you remove multilib support?did you loose a bet?17:16
pedjatypo?what typo?17:16
nomiuspedja: but ungoogled-chromium removes all the chromium stuff that I like, like account synchronization and extensions.. I found on the web a few API keys I'm using17:48
nomiuspedja: I like to keep my system clean, 64bits in x86 has more than 15 years, it's time to kill 32bits...17:49
jaegerheh, was randomly looking aty 10-year-old #crux logs and found a conversation about jdolan needing a place to take a dump in stockholm19:31
jaegerlots of silly stuff in the old logs19:31
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