IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2016-12-12

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pedjahm, fails with 'Failed downloading via HTPPS with curl'.wth12:42
frinnstworks for me12:48
frinnstDownloaded certdata.txt12:48
frinnstSHA256 of new file: 17e2a90c8a5cfd6a675b3475d3d467e1ab1fe0d5397e907b08206182389caa0812:48
frinnstProcessing  'certdata.txt' ...12:48
frinnstDone (158 CA certs processed, 37 skipped).12:48
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pedjait doesn't have debug flag, so wireshark it is.13:42
pedjawell, that didn't get me far13:46
pedjaI can curl the file manually without issues.13:52
pedjaand then mk-ca-bundle works13:53
pedjasame sha256 as you13:53
pedjaI somehow knew that using cpan to install some modules will bite me in the ass eventually14:07
rmullCan we get a bump for both pygobject and pygobject-gtk3 please?15:07
rmull(in opt)15:07
rmullAlso, pycairo doesn't seem to satisfy the pygobject-gtk3 dependency on py3cairo15:08
rmullI see that romster has a port in his repo - maybe it could be brought in to opt15:09
rmullMaybe my pygobject-gtk3 is only looking for py3cairo instead of pycairo because I also have python3 installed, but I feel like not having python3 installed these days is probably unusual15:13
pedjaI had to explicitly enable python2 for pygobject-gtk3, iirc15:16
pedjabecause I have both python2 and python3, so it got confused, or something15:17
rmullIt would be nice to be able to use python3 wherever possible though15:25
rmullAnd afaik, inclusion of py3cairo into opt would be satisfactory15:25
rmullEven if it's not listed as an explicit dependency in pygobject-gtk315:26
pedjawhy would it be in opt when python3 isn't?15:28
pedjaexplicitly setting build to use python2 would be enough.15:29
frinnst.. or someone could maintain python3?15:29
frinnst*caugh* *looks at pedja & rmull*15:30
pedjayou should see a doctor about that cough, frinnst :)15:30
pedjapython-3.6 will have a pretty cool 'secrets' module, btw15:32
pedjaI am thinking on setting up python3 repo, though.15:37
pedjato have all the stuff I use/need as a dependency in one place.15:38
pedja(stuff I don't use pip3 to install, anyway)15:39
pedjaimho, jue's samba port should be in opt.15:42
pedjano offence to Allan, but it's just...cleaner.15:42
pedjaand updated more often15:43
rmulloops... forgot that I got python3 from the 6c37 repo, rather than opt.15:43
pedjaif python3 gets into opt, some ports will have to be modified to explicitly look for python215:50
pedjaless breakage than making python3 the default, though :)15:50
pedjatbh, I have them installed side-by-side for a while now, and didn't notice any big issues15:52
rmullYeah, it seems like an achievable goal15:54
pedjawell, someone needs to do the work ;)15:56
rmullI think I had talked about starting that effort some time ago but then promptly did nothing about it :\15:57
pedjawell, 3.5.2 is current, with 3.6.0 release by the end of the week16:00
pedja3.5 will than have one final release in January, and go into maintain mode (security fixes only)16:01
pedjawhich do you package?16:01
pedjaAnaconda/Miniconda are a nice solution if you can't be bothered16:09
pedjanicely contained in home dir, regardless of system python version16:10
pedjaand conda recipes, if anything is missing, are not hard to write16:11
pedjaspeaking of python, some consistency in naming python ports would be nice16:19
pedjapy-foo, pyfoo, python2foo, py2foo16:20
pedja(I am guilty for that as well, so it's more note-to-self)16:21
onoderasame ehre pedja16:25
onoderaI also use py3foo, foo-python3, puthon3-foo, etc16:25
onoderaimo it should be like how gtk* is done, which seems to be foo-gtk*16:26
pedjagood, so it's not just my OCD rearing its ugly head :)16:26
onoderaor well, if gtk3 is the default it is foo, and then when there is a also a gtk2 version also that gets called foo-gtk216:26
pedjaso, py-foo for py2, py3-foo for py3.16:28
darfoI only add python-* to library modules. python applications keep their orginal name.16:56
darfoI only add python-* if the library doesn't already start with py*16:57
darfoAlso been building both version of the library module from one Pkgfile. Assume that python2 is installed, and test if python3 is installed and16:58
darfouse /usr/bin/python3 to against Both version go into separate site-module directories so python2 and 3 are happy.16:59
darfoI am not will to risk pollution by using pip or cpan. If there isn't a Pkgfile it doesn't get installed has been my rule.17:00
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darfobecause there is a Depends: python it's safe to assume python2.17:07
darfoI've only been doing that in new python ports or ones that need maintenance17:08
darfobut there is so much buzz about python3 never replacing python2 I've adopted a "wait and see".17:09
darfothere are so many python2 modules out there that aren't being converted17:10
pedjamost of the major ones work, and saltstack and ansible are getting there, so17:19
pedjait would be interesting to see the percentage of modules on pypi which are python2 only17:20
pedjasomeone asked for regular db dumps in pypi Github issues, but no reply so far.17:31
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nomiusKill python2, move to python3. Have virtualenv and pypi 3 and that's it and curse on anyone not freezing code...22:59
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pedjathere is a python-2.8 project on Github.Guido is not happy :)23:31
pedja2.7 with (some) backported features from 3.x23:34

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