IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2016-12-13

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juejaeger: thanks for test3, did an update with it today, no issues16:53
juethe whole 3.3 stuff seems pretty stable right now, I'd say we should consider to announce test3 officialy as rc1?16:55
jaegerI'd like to make one tiny change to the kernel before that but otherwise I have no objection17:05
jueok, great :)17:28
jueone thing we should discuss: we ship xf86-input-{keyboard,mouse} which are both deprecated, IIRC. evdev or even better libinput seems the way to go nowadays.18:26
jueI have evdev and libinput installed and the server selects the later on startup18:26
jueone idea might be to remove input-{keyboard,mouse} and add libinput and xf86-input-libinput instead?18:29
frinnstdoes libinput require a kernel driver?18:31
frinnstxf86-input-{keyboard,mouse} migt be good for compatabilitys sake18:32
juehmm, good question, not sure but don't think so18:33
juefrinnst: what are you using?18:35
frinnstI bet there are a few people that have working setups with xf86-input-{keyboard,mouse} since forever and havent had a single thought to update/change it18:37
jueyeah, that's a valid point18:38
frinnstinstalling libinput now :-)18:41
jaegeruploaded a -rc119:56
juejaeger: thx, will test it tomorrow20:45
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onoderalibinput replaces xf86-input-*?22:14
frinnstdamn our iso has really bloated up :-)22:21
frinnstACTION remembers the days when it would fit on his 265mb stick22:21
jaegerI used to keep it on those small ~185MB CDs22:22
frinnstwell my vm upgraded nicely22:25
jaegergood :)22:38

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