IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2016-12-15

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jueRomster: the gpgme error is strange, I don't get any build error and as I said it works with mutt07:43
jueguess the error is triggered by some other installed stuff07:44
juelike qt5 and/or python3? don't know ...07:46
Romsteri dunno there was  typo in the gpgme cmake file for bindings. but i haven't had time to extensively test things, work is madness currently.07:54
Romsterthings are getting messy and complicated and everything needs to be reviewed as to why it's there and what is it used for and do we need it.07:59
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frinnstdisks for has shipped \o/21:42
frinnstmight get here by tomorrow21:42
teK_I will wire some credits this weekend21:43
teK_why has christmas to be the busiest all year? :)21:43
frinnstit is? fuck that, im on vacation21:44
frinnstfirst vacation week almost ending.. got next week also21:45
frinnst <- tracking21:45
frinnstRekvisitionsnummer: Crux133721:45
teK_I will have used three days vacation for all december when the year is over21:46
teK_nice one21:46
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