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jaegerthe fixed version isn't even out yet, heh01:43
jaegerat least not official01:43
jaegerer, wait, I read the windows version table. looks like 375.26 is good01:43
jaegerfrinnst: thanks for the link02:05
frinnstnp, saw it on reddit and thought of you <302:07
jaegerman, my connection to is slow tonight02:08
JC_is that the proprietary driver?02:08
jaegerthat push took nearly a minute02:08
JC_oh geez02:08
frinnstI hope to plug the ssd's into the new server tomorrow \o/02:09
JC_are there any benefits over nouveau?02:09
frinnstthen the hardware bit should be good to go02:09
jaegerthe proprietary driver is still significantly faster than nouveau02:10
jaegeras for features, I don't really follow nouveau so couldn't say02:10
jaegerfrinnst: we need to work out with jue sometime how I get the money to you02:10
frinnstyeah. no major rush though02:10
JC_nvidia is pretty good but they should open source their drivers02:13
frinnstbuy amd!02:14
jaegerfrinnst: part of my rpi cluster order has shipped already, woot02:14
jaegerprobably won't have all of the pieces before christmas, though02:15
JC_well its a laptop so I cant change to amd without an entire laptop02:15
JC_I need to put distcc on my rpi cluster02:15
JC_*I need to put CRUX on my cluster :)02:16
JC_has anyone here used distcc?02:18
jaegerI've used it off and on. Romster uses it extensively02:18
JC_I read the wiki about it and it seems pretty awesome02:18
JC_especially with a cluster02:18
jaegerIt has its ups and downs. It *mostly* works great but on rare occasions can introduce build problems02:19
jaegeror fail builds that have badly-written makefiles or something (not distcc's fault)02:20
jaegerWith that said, it's easy to switch it on or off, so to speak, if you run into something funky02:20
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Worksteri had more problems with ccache in the past than distcc (when you don't introduce a different version glibc/gcc/binutils toolchain)04:17
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frinnstssd's in place!14:20
juegreat :-)14:24
juefrinnst: if you have an overview about the final costs, let me know, please14:25
frinnsti'll do some calcs later on. Jaeger wanted to set up a money relay through you btw14:26
jueyeah, we talked about that some times ago14:28
frinnstjaeger: think i found an issue in rc115:09
frinnstwhen you select individual packages to install you can only chose from core packages15:09
jaegerI'm able to select from opt and xorg as well15:30
frinnsthm, strange15:31
frinnsti'll recheck later15:44
frinnstnow im having trouble installing grub on the raid1 array instead..15:44
frinnsterror: disk 'md0' not found.15:44
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frinnstno, still cant see anything other than core16:27
frinnst <- this image16:27
juehmm, works for me16:35
jueyou have to select from each collection one by one16:36
frinnsthmm maybe i just got carried away16:37
frinnstfirst time i checked i opt never appeared16:37
frinnsti'll try again :-)16:37
juebtw, I've just finished another update to rc1 successfully16:38
frinnstmd0 not found.. wtf?16:50
frinnststupid grub16:50
frinnstand the kvm keymap is all fvked16:53
frinnstdoooh. depends on mdadm actually being installed17:04
frinnstdidnt expect grub-install to actually be dependent on mdadm17:04
jaegerIt might use some mdadm commands internally17:16
frinnstpro tip: dont forget to install the kernel..17:18
pedjaNo, Santa, I did not ask for gcc-6.3.0 for Christmas.Damn my lousy handwriting17:27
frinnsthm, kernel panic. you *are* supposed to be able to boot raid1 without an initrd, right?17:58
frinnstmetadata is 0.9017:58
jaegeryes, generally18:30
jaegerIf the partition type is the raid autodetect and metadata 0.918:31
jaeger(I think - it's been a while)18:31
frinnstyeah autodetect partition types too18:59
frinnsttoo tired to debug right now18:59
frinnstbtw im not getting the classic VFS panic19:31 is up again - new ssh fingerprint so dont freak out21:12
frinnstthe old install is mounted to /mnt if you want to copy something over21:13
frinnstomg fedora25 uses a lockscreen that you have to swipe to unlock21:16
jaegerman, go is so aggravating23:26
jaeger=======> ERROR: Footprint mismatch found:23:26
jaegerMISSING   -rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/lib/go/src/cmd/vet/README23:26
jaegerNEW       -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/lib/go/src/cmd/vet/README23:26
jaeger=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/pkg/go#1.7.4-1.pkg.tar.xz' failed.23:26
jaegerIt fails about 20-30% of builds and the file(s) that fail is(are) different every time23:26
jaegerAnd it's always 644 vs 755 permissions23:26

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