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frinnsthow awesome01:16
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Romstershitty Makefile and it has races for more than one build job, use make -j1 install ...02:51
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frinnstbash make.bash --no-clean03:34
jaegeryeah, goofy build setup03:34
frinnstare there any ports that use go yet?03:35
jaegerdocker stuff03:35
jaegernothing else that I know of03:35
frinnstzfswatcher has a broken url btw03:36
jaegerIt's one of prologic's ports, I believe03:36
jaegerand he's been gone a while now03:36
frinnsttime for ?03:40
frinnstespecially when it's broken..03:40
frinnstriiiight in the plums!03:41
nomiusAnyone has firefox 50.1.0-1 built already?03:42
frinnstonly with -mnative03:42
frinnstfor sandy bridge03:42
frinnst-march=native obviously03:42
frinnstI should switch over to something more generic so I dont forget before getting a zen03:44
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JC_is there any chance of you guys adding libressl?16:04
jaegerI don't think so. It's come up before but I don't remember the discussion16:10
JC_it seems decent16:12
JC_i make a repo for alternatives16:12
frinnstteK_, jue, jaeger: apache for the new server? nginx?16:35
jaegernginx would be my preference16:37
frinnstyeah here too16:37
jaegerAre we running anything tied to the current apache besides php? php is easy to do with nginx but we might need to investigate others16:37
frinnstdont think so, but I dont know our current server that well16:38
jaegerfair enough16:38
frinnstACTION fires up his VM of as of ~2 years ago16:42
jaegerset the way-back-virtual-machine!16:43
frinnst"hda has gone 685 days without being checked"16:43
frinnstit should be pretty current besides the git commits :p16:44
JC_ive never used ngin17:42
JC_I've heard its better than apache17:43
jaegerThey both have their strengths. I like nginx's configuration style a bit more and it's very lightweight... on the other hand, apache probably has more features, it's been around longer17:51
JC_Im probably gonna try that one httpd server thats supposed to be super lightweight17:55
JC_I forget what its called17:56
onodera darkhttpd?17:57
onoderasuckless also haso has a httpd, and there is httpd by openbsd17:57
onoderaI use caddy myself, which has http\2 and letsencrypt ssl ootb17:58
jaegerLot of options out there18:03
jaegerlighttpd is another popular one18:03
JC_I haven't gotten into ssl on webservers yet18:04
JC_its just to centralized the whole PKI and Certificate "Authorities"18:05
JC_how can i setup CRUX to allow me to run ports -u as regular user?19:09
jaegerprobably the best way would be setting up sudoers19:11
jaegerjc ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/ports <-- something similar to that19:11
JC_thats still running it as root right?19:11
jaegeryes, but doesn't require you to enter your password to do so19:12
jaegeryou could maybe run it as a regular user if you changed the ports script to disable the root check and changed the ownership of all ports dirs to your user. I haven't tested this, though19:12
JC_yeah thats what I mean19:12
jaegerI wouldn't recommend that route but it might work19:12
JC_the script should do that by default19:13
JC_for security  right19:13
JC_all it takes is one DNS spoof and you're installing bad code as root19:13
JC_how about a completely seperate user for ports?19:16
JC_chown ports /usr/ports19:16
jaegerports are signed in 3.3 if that helps any19:17
JC_3.3 isnt out yet is it?19:19
JC_well officially anyway19:19
JC_doesn't prt-get check md5sums?19:20
jaegernot yet, no.19:21
jaegerpkgmk does19:21
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JC_prt-get runs pkgmk then pkgadd19:26
JC_atleast i thought thats what the wiki said19:26
onoderayeah prt-get is pretty much just a wrappert19:28
onoderawith some cool stuff added :p19:28
JC_so calling prt-get calls pkgmk which in turn checks md5. Correct?19:33
JC_i need to quit being a n00b with the prt-get and start using pkgutils19:35
frinnstyou rarely need to use pkgutils manually19:36
JC_yeah but if im going to be helping out I need to learn it19:36
JC_i have the basics down19:37
JC_oh but I dont have a clue when it comes to git19:38
onoderaI've been trying to partially copy prt-get in fish, so I've finally kinda learned what flags and tool does what19:41
onoderaI'm now porting it to go, *almoooost* done:
JC_is go an interpreted lang?19:44
onoderano compiled19:44
JC_why do people prefer it over C?19:46
onoderaI don't know c :p19:46
JC_oh haha19:47
JC_its my favorite but I've only known C, C++, Python, Batch19:47
JC_and some assembly19:47
onoderago is a pretty good fit for me, it's not as low level as c and not as "high level" as python19:48
JC_isn't made by google?19:48
onoderait compiles amazingly fast, has an amazing toolchain, auto formats text so no debates about what kinda formatting to use19:48
onoderayeah it is19:48
JC_maybe that's why I haven't tried it :P19:48
onoderaand some old unix guys like rob pyke and and ken thompson19:49
JC_Ken helped make C right?19:49
onoderahmm i don't know, I know they both also worked on plan9 though19:50
JC_cant believe he still codes19:50
onoderaseems like ken invented "b" the predecessor to c19:50
onoderaI don't think he still works on go though19:51
JC_crux should make have an environment variable for how many cores your cpu is so that packages can do something like "make -j$CORES" to speed up compiling19:56
onoderaJC_: MAKEFLAGS in pkgmk.conf19:57
onoderadoes exactly thats ;^)19:57
JC_yeah but doesn't Pkgfile override that?19:57
JC_so its depends on the package19:57
onoderawell theoretically it can19:57
onoderabut I've only seen it done for ports that fail to build with multicore19:58
JC_vim has "make -j1" not "make MAKEFLAGS"19:59
JC_so does that override it?19:59
onoderayeah because vim fails to build with -jsomethingelse probably19:59
onoderaI'm pretty sure MAKEFLAGS gets passed on to make19:59
onoderawithout specifying it19:59
JC_so does that override it?/20:00
JC_i dont why that sent again20:00
onoderaso if MAKEFLAGS is -j4 it will build with -j4 by default, and only build with -j1 if it it's explicitly stated in the pkgfile, like vim for example20:00
JC_ok thats what i was wondering20:00
JC_yeah im running everything in a chroot right now until I get used to it20:01
JC_im trying to cross-compile a kernel for a raspberrypi20:25
JC_this is going to be fun20:25
jaegerIs the rpi3 officially 64-bit supported now?21:00
jaegerBeen a while since I looked at that21:00
jaegerooh, good timing to think about that, my rpis just arrived21:03
jaegerstill need the power cables and uSD cards but I have the pis, the power hub, the switch, and the stack case21:04
JC_what are you going to use them for??21:08
JC_Im not sure I was configuring the kernel and 64-bit wasnt in there so I dont know21:09
jaegerGoing to build a 5-node cluster for whatever. crux-arm stuff, or ansible, whatever seems interesting21:10
JC_what cluster software?21:10
JC_I am not sure if there is any good cluster sofftware yet21:10
jaegerNo idea about actual clustering/MPI stuff but at the least I could do distcc arm builds or something. we'll see21:11
JC_I've only seen Java based stuff which is just sad because have youre computing power goes into running java itself21:11
JC_yeah distcc is good21:11
JC_the links for the kernel images are broken on crux-arm.nu21:12
JC_which pi's did you order?21:12
JC_haha yeah I don't have xorg21:16
JC_im goin full TUI21:16
pitillogreat jaeger21:17
JC_ill look it up in a min21:17
pitilloJC_: seems rpi2 links are down, but do you need those or a kernel for rpi3?21:17
JC_your setup is awesome, jaeger21:20
jaegerJC_: do you mean the desk setup?21:20
jaegerthanks. I'm quite happy with it :)21:21
JC_ok why are some messages yellow?21:21
JC_im using irssi21:21
jaegerthat second pic is before I switched to the new monitor21:21
jaegeryour name being highlighted21:21
jaegerJC_: like so21:21
JC_whats that for?21:22
JC_i thought it was like a pm or soomething21:22
jaegerjust to make messages that have your nick in them more obvious21:22
JC_so you just type a name then the message?21:23
jaegerirssi has tab completion21:24
JC_jaeger: test21:24
jaegerif you tab complete a nick at the start of a line it'll automatically add the colon21:24
JC_whenever I used my pi cluster the red led always blinked21:25
JC_i think its the cheap usb cables21:25
teK_jaeger: frinnst: yet another webserver I would have to look into21:32
teK_what is wrong with apache?21:33
teK_and the config we already have which also works21:33
jaegernothing. I just like nginx better21:33
JC_ 21:54
JC_so who actually manages CRUX.NU?21:56
teK_jaeger, frinnst and myself21:57
jaegerI think teK_ does most of it currently21:58
jaegerthough I'm happy to put more work into it when needed21:58
teK_the more critical questio is how to proceed with our wiki21:59
JC_yeah ive been looking for a good project to work on with other people21:59
teK_woot :]22:00
teK_my son got an arduino as they do programming on it at school22:00
onoderathat's pretty amazing jaeger22:00
jaegerneat. schools should do more of that sort of thing, I think22:00
onoderawhat do you do with them?22:00
jaegeronodera: yeah, I really like it :D22:00
jaegernothing yet, I just assembled it22:00
teK_jaeger: dont get too excited, it's a teacher offering the course to interested pupils in his spare-time -_-22:01
jaegerteK_: that's better than nothing, still cool in my opinion22:01
teK_yes, I need to thank him some time..22:01
onoderawe had to do some kind of group project where we needed to create an alarm system using a pi and the GPIO pins22:01
jaeger <-- threw in my rpi2 for good measure =D22:03
jaegerInto the picture, not into the stack, obviously22:03
teK_no odroids?22:04
jaegerNot anymore. I had a C1 but gave it away22:04
teK_there's a reflection from your screen on the top of the rack22:04
jaegerI used to have 2 rpi1s but fave those away, too22:04
teK_*enhance more*22:04
teK_*extract banking account info*22:04
jaegermore like "extract not-so-secret IRC chat"22:05
teK_I figured ;)22:05
jaeger16:00 < jaeger> neat. schools should do more of that sort of thing, I think <-- this line is the top one in the reflection22:05
teK_here, I have one odroid for storage and a raspi 2 for kodi22:06
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_JCSo are the servers collocated ?22:10
teK_which servers?22:11
teK_it's kindly hosted by Charly from Kalmar NDC22:12
_JCAre and together?22:13
_JCOr seperate projects?22:13
jaegerSeparate projects and hosting22:15
_JCAlthough developers probably work on both22:18
frinnstnice jaeger22:26
frinnst*installing apache*22:28
teK_any feelings regarding the wiki _software_?22:29
teK_as a reminder: almost all plugins we use were discontinued22:29
jaegerswitch to something newer, maybe?22:29
teK_pmwiki or something else?22:30
teK_because there is a newer pmwiki but we cannot use it because of the plugins22:30
jaegerisn't pmwiki what we're currently using?22:30
jaegerDo we need those plugins or could we replicate their functionalities some other way?22:30
teK_I think it was something like TOC and such stuff, so probably yes and maybe22:31
frinnstI have zero overview over current wiki solutions22:31
teK_I did not look too much into it yet..22:31
teK_as a disclaimer: I hate web editing stuff, switching solutions could be a huge pain due to translating layouts and templating tyles22:32
_JCWhy do you need to change the wiki anyway?22:32
teK_doing a web page for a school project in uganda atm and realy dislike HTML and the likes ;)22:33
teK_we cannot update the wiki atm without losing functionality.22:33
_JCDo you need to update it?22:34
teK_have a guess22:34
_JCMaybe a script to just create HTML documents in a wiki style22:36
teK_we want people to be able to contribute, so wiki it is22:38
frinnstwhat plugins do we use? flyspray integration..22:38
frinnstwhat else?22:38
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