IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2016-12-18

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JC_has anyone here used fbterm?03:05
jaegernot I03:06
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jaegermmmm, -13C03:45
JC_i put the kernel on  the sd card aaand nothing04:30
JC_i dont have the rootfs on theree yet but i feel like there should still be some output04:33
JC_it booted04:46
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jueteK_: I still think that pmwiki is a nice Wiki with regular updates.10:28
jueteK_: do you mean numtoc.php? The latest version is 0.7 which works for me with pmwiki 2.2110:30
juesorry, pmwiki 2.2.9110:30
juewe do not use may plugins and I bet that everything except our "own" timeline will work10:31
juetimeline was written sip a long time ago and is rather complicated and if we run into issues than with it10:33
jueour timeline is very nice but not really important so I would survive if we have to drop it10:35
jues/sip/by sip/10:35
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juehmm, just looked over the plugins we have installed on crux.nu10:49
jueit's captcha, membership and the self-made timeline10:49
jueonly membership is discontinued, but I guess we don't need it at all and can get mostly the same functionality with the standard AuthUser10:51
jueteK_: so what's finaly the problem?10:51
juenote: we don't use captcha currently10:52
juebtw, if we use pmwiki with out new server we should install it in subdir there and not into puplic_html as we have it right now10:54
juedon't get me wrong, I'm not fixed at pmwiki but I'm looking for a solution which needs little or better no work from us10:57
juewe had already a switch from one wiki to another, from wika to pmwiki, and that was not much fun10:58
jueI know because I did most of the conversion :(10:59
jueok, have to do other stuff now, bbl11:00
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JC_ good afternoon20:39
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