IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2016-12-19

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_JCI think I might try Weston/Wayland01:39
frinnstyeah, less work is always prefered01:57
pedjapython2 just won't die.there is a new release :)01:59
_JCyou don't like python2?02:07
_JCI always felt like it worked better02:07
frinnst_JC: chitchat is better suited for #crux, not #crux-devel :-)02:07
frinnstToday we released Exim 4.87.1 (security fix for 4.87)02:09
frinnst              and Exim 4.88   (new release)02:09
frinnstinto a protected repository.02:09
frinnstThis, and the details of the CVE-2016-9963, where announced to02:10 and to a limited set of known maintainers,02:10
frinnstcontributors and friends of the Exim project.02:10
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dlcusafrinnst, is CRUX waiting for the Dec 25 reveal of the exim release, then?12:20
frinnsteveryone is12:22
dlcusaSounds like a target for a lot of black hats, like the NSA, maybe a honeypot.12:24
frinnstthats why its not yet public14:18
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teK_NSA reportedly had some Netbotz data center appliances infected with backdoors to spy on especially german targets16:30
teK_media says this was known to our secret service since 2004/516:30
frinnstdoesnt that just give you a warm fuzzy feeling?16:56
teK_it acknowldeges the suspicion that they MAY be SLIGHTLY less useful as someone makes us want to believe17:01
pedja'if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear' <--drives me nuts when I hear this17:32
pedjabut my absolute favorite is 'government needs trump citizen needs' from a young, 'IT professional'17:33
pedjakids these days[tm]17:34
onoderapedja: rms gets asked this in an interview and had  pretty good answer17:40
onoderawhat I also think is funny now that Trump is president elect, people suddenly "care" about spying and the NSA and stuff17:41
onoderalike I've heard a few people say, yeah now trump is in control of the NSA, like it wasn't bad before17:41
pedjabut Obama was 'benevolent', so it wasn't an issue ;)17:43
pedjaand that's the problem.17:43
pedjayou can't rely on government officials pinky promise that they will not use their power for nefarious purposes.that is insane.17:46
pedjathat is a touchy subject, particularly in this country17:47
pedjawe should really start #crux-politics channel for this kind of discussion :)17:48
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frinnsthm, missed phonecall from mavrick6118:52
frinnstACTION pokes mavrick61 18:52
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