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Worksterevery time when it hits frinnst's server in the mirror list00:19
Worksterwhy can't it just report 404 if it's not found on your server frinnst ?00:20
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frinnstteK_: iscsid.conf lists the path to iscsid as /sbin/iscsid but our port installs it in /usr/sbin/12:36
frinnsttrivial sed or move the binary maybe?12:36
jueI'm really happy with rc1, just finished a fresh install18:38
frinnstyeah same here. I did a fresh install on the new disks on our new server18:39
jueIMO we should move the ISO to the usual place and send an announcement to the mailing list ;)18:40
juefrinnst: great, any real problems?18:40
frinnstnope, other than my major brain-farts during the install everything went fine :-)18:44
frinnststill havent recieved keys from a few opt people18:47
jaegerfrinnst: were you able to reproduce that port selection issue at all?19:10
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juejaeger: what's your opinion, are we ready for an official rc?19:48
jaegerI think it's probably good for an RC20:07
juewould you mind doing the ann?20:46
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onoderateK_: for some weird reason contrib/rtorrent uses spaces in the .footprint to seperate files/permistions23:26
onoderaIt made my script segfault :P23:27
onoderaerr, panic I mean23:27
_JCWow how does rtorrent even know that .footprint is there?23:27
_JCor did the pkg-utils modify it?23:27
onoderaI'm talking about a script I'm writing myself, not rtorrent :p23:29
_JCoh haha23:29
onoderait like searches through footprints, and since every footprint is seperated by tabs (except for rtorent) it uses that as a delimeter for a split function :p23:29
_JCAhhh. So it made the kernel panic or just your script?23:30
_JCalso that font looks amazing, what is it?23:30
onoderathe script, since it tries to split the file, and later uses slice [2], but because the split failed there is not second item in the list :p23:31
onoderait's dina23:31

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