IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2016-12-21

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jaegerjue: sure01:20
jaegerannouncement sent01:33
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nomiusRomster: re firefox: I was talking about firefox build for 3.3 beta/rc1 ;-)02:50
nomiusHey guys... anyone using netdata in crux?02:57
jaegerI've seen it before but haven't used it myself03:15
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Worksternomius, i haven't done builds for 3.3rc1 yet but i'll get one started for firefox tonight05:11
jaegerthere's a port if you want to mess with it05:11
nomiusThanks Workster05:18
nomiusAny luck with chromium yet?05:18
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frinnstThe GNU Compiler Collection version 6.3 has been released.15:37
frinnstquick push and a new rc?15:38
juethat's only a bugfix release for 6.x, so I don't think we are in hurry15:55
juebut, oc, push it ;)15:55
teK_frinnst: thanks for noticing, I'll check that16:30
teK_ok wtf16:38
teK_if open-iscsi is installed already and you rebuild the port, $PKG/etc is not filled (probably checks /etc and does not act)16:39
frinnstload average: 12.98, 14.48, 13.3816:39
frinnstmmmm, lots of io16:39
juejaeger: thanks a lot :)16:40
teK_and has a domain parking page16:41
jaegerno problem16:41
frinnstSupport for AMD Zen (family 17h) processors is now available through the -march=znver1 and -mtune=znver1 options. <- good to know my future cpu is supported in gcc since 6.0 :>16:42
teK_tell, if you have experience with the actual hardware,please16:42
frinnstcant wait for the release16:59
jaegerRomster: any objections to me doing a sig update in compat-32?17:12
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teK_ok github now went fully retard18:20
teK_ .. are you kidding me?18:20
teK_Romster: whats your polling frequency for the distfles mirror? I put the file there like 3 minutes ago and you already have it °_°18:24
jaegerRomster: er, I meant a merge and sig update. Just asking in case you had pending work18:56
onoderateK_: can you please make the rtorrent footprint use tabs instead of spaces :#?19:08
onoderait's the *only* port that uses spaces instead of tabs, and it's breaking a tool that interacts with footprints I'm making :p19:09
teK_(no, will replace the spaces)19:13
onoderahow did that even happen in the first place? I though pkgmk always generates with tabs19:15
teK_I have a guess.19:15
teK_your programs still should handle such cases, btw19:15
teK_onodera: done..22:40
onoderateK_: thanks~22:44
Worksterjaeger, no go for it for compat-3223:17
Worksteri was thinking of doing compat-32 but i haven't had the time23:17
Worksteri saw an update and i manually ran my distfile updating teK_ :)23:37
teK_should we release a nonfirmware ISO?23:41
frinnstits up to jaeger23:44

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