IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2016-12-22

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jaegerspeaking of ISOs, I've been thinking about recreating the network install setup00:38
jaegerhaven't done any work on it, though, just idly considering it00:38
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pedjapxe boot?01:00
jaegerpossibly. though I was thinking of an ISO initially01:02
pedjaI tried booting 3.2 iso using ipxe/, it hangs on media mount, iirc01:02
pedjait should be as 'simple' as adding kernel module and modifying init a bit :)01:05
pedjaI've given up after I couldn't figure out how to build just the basic iso, without full package build.01:07
pedjaif I understood iso/Makefile correctly, built ports are used to build the iso itself, so01:10
jaegeryou could always copy them from an already-built ISO to save the time01:13
pedjaI didn't think of that, tbh :)01:14
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frinnstACTION slaps teK_ 03:51
frinnstoh wow, never seen this error on before:03:52
frinnstCompletely unexpected exception: Address in mailbox given [alan+crux at mizrahi dot com dot ve] does not comply with RFC 2822,
frinnstThis should never happend, please inform Flyspray Developers03:52
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teK_will fix this Saturday morning and also wire some money23:47
teK_work has been keeping me busy day and night :D23:47

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