IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2016-12-27

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jaegerFinally got a chance to upgrade my laptop using rc1, no issues so far03:39
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Romstergit:// does not show up on
Romsteralso the version is 5.18.. the prt-get.git is older than the tarball what is going on?07:12
frinnstgitweb is buggy07:41
frinnstit will show up again when someone makes a new commit07:41
Romsterthe issue is it's older than the tarball07:49
Romsterwhy is that?07:49
Romsterdid the tarball get altered from out prt-get.git or did we get that from the upstream dev?07:50
Romsterthe git tree has 5.18 we got the 5.19 tarball, and what changes. hmm07:50
RomsterChangelog says 5.1607:51
Romsterguess i can do a diff on that to the git one07:53
Romster$ diff -pruN /tmp/prt-get/ /usr/ports/work/prt-get/src/prt-get-5.19/ |wgetpaste07:54
RomsterYour paste can be seen here:
dlcusaThe ancient version is now linked in the web page (?).08:16
dlcusaAll cloned files have ctimes and mtimes that are the time of the git clone (?).08:26
dlcusaThat is true of all repos linked on the page.08:27
Romsterah so what is our git fork then not used?09:19
frinnstyeah I guess the tarball is generated from upstream09:20
Romstermakes sense now.09:32
Romsterelfutils broken on crux 3.3 i've bumped the version in 3.2 but not pushed it to crux 3.309:32
frinnstoh? havent noticed that09:47
frinnst=======> Building '/usr/ports/pkg/elfutils#0.166-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.09:47
Romsterwith gcc 6.4.0 ?09:50
Romstertreating warnings as errors09:50
Romsterstrange i am using stock CFLAGS09:51
frinnstme too09:52
frinnstRomster: i guess you meant 6.3.0?10:36
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Romsteroops i meant with gcc 6.3.012:35
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frinnsthow odd14:39
frinnstdistcc or something perhaps?14:51
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frinnstnow i must punch something14:57
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Romsteri only use ccache in there.23:41

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