IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2016-12-30

jaegerIs he retired or still active?00:10
Romsteri hadn't looked.00:16
Romsterah i think that person is retired. i'll double check the wiki00:17
Romsteris it about time we did a purge of unmatained ports?00:17
jaegerProbably good to get in the habit of doing that, though in this case we could just fix the post-install00:18
Romsterfixed it it'll get merged to contrib/3.3 soon. i am working on fixing that up00:57
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Romsterwe so need to exclude footprints from the signature.05:36
dlcusaRomster, et al, can unmaintained ports NOT be quietly "disappeared" (since there is no way of knowing if they are being used by anyone)?09:59
frinnstthere are lots of unmaintained ports right now10:20
frinnsthaving them just rot away is imo worse than removing them10:21
frinnstif someone requires the port then that someone can maintain it10:21
frinnstright now we are like 5-6 active maintainers in all of core/opt/contrib/xorg/compat-3210:21
frinnstI fear sepen will stop maintaining stuff too10:22
frinnstseems like he already has tbh. no longer responds to mail10:22
frinnsti've sent a number of patches to sepen and asked if he wanted my help keeping his ports up to date in the last few months10:25
frinnstand more people are retiring than joining up10:27
frinnstfredrik@nibbler:~/ports$ grep -R "Maintainer: Jose" * |wc -l10:41
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pedjathat's why I forked his xfce repo months ago.15:13
pedjawrt unmaintained ports: give heads up on the ml, and after $period_of_time, move them to the attic repo.15:16
pedjaI would make a lousy benevolent dictator :)15:17
pedjabtw, feel free to add to the wiki how to setup docker containers for clean package build15:34
pedja'official' Crux docker image would be nice, too :)15:42
dlcusaThere is an attic?  Moving unmaintained ports there would be fine, especially with public notification.16:16
dlcusapedja, is your xfce fork public?  If not, any plans to make it so?16:20
pedjadlcusa, I plan to clean it up and push to my Bitbucket account, probably after 3.3 lands16:21
dlcusaSuper.  You are a gret citizen, sir!16:22
pedjaafter I figure out how to use this Docker thingie for building packages in the clean environment, of course :)16:23
dlcusaIn your copious free time, of course.16:24
pedjaI am unemployed, free time is all I got :)16:24
dlcusaWow!  Real serious free time!  Me, too, except I'm nursing my wife  and other stuff.16:25
pedjagood luck to both of you16:26
dlcusaThanks. And I must answer her bell...16:26
frinnstfeel free to adopt one16:38
dlcusaIt appears one needs a wiki account to adopt anything according to Note 2.17:15
pedja"[TBD: how to register an account]".heh.17:53
frinnstyeah we had to lock down the wiki when it got ruined by spammers18:25
frinnstwait for tek to wake up :-)18:26

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