IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2016-12-31

Romsterpedja, if you need a hand with docker myself or jaeger can help01:47
pedjaa few paragraphs in th eWiki on how to set it up for building ports would be very nice :)01:49
pedjayou mount the port tree from the host into it or? how does that work?01:51
pedjaI'll have to teach Docker to use openvswitch for networking before actually using it, though :)01:56
pedjaor I could mount /usr/pkgmk/source into it,
pedjayou and jaeger should really write it up somewhere (hint, hint) :)01:57
pedjayou both use it a lot, in different ways, if I understood your discussion the other day correctly.02:00
pedjadamn, it's late.good night.02:01
nomiusRomster: any luck with chromium on 3.3?02:47
Romsternomius, i'll try building it now i had trouble with docker with crux 3.303:28
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jaegerpedja: basically you create a base image and then you spin up containers based on that image. When you're done the base image is still ready to go for other builds03:34
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Romstermkdir -pv $ROOTFS/var/lib/pkg; touch $ROOTFS/var/lib/pkg/db; for P in /mnt/loop/crux/core/*.pkg.tar.xz; do pkgadd -r $ROOTFS $P; done03:35
Romstercd $ROOTFS && tar cvf - . | docker import - crux:3.303:35
Romsterjaeger mentioned that the other day ^03:35
Romsteri will upload a proper Dockerfile build though like i got
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Romsteri just haven't yet03:36
jaegerI have a crux:3.3 image that's right after the import, no modifications03:37
jaegerthen I have a crux:3.3-builder that started at that base and has modifications for building packages (fakeroot, sudoers, pkgmk configuration, etc.)03:37
Romsteryeah i have todo a few more mods for ccache and i use a few -v mounts.03:37
Romsterand i usually set a mirror to that is local to me.03:38
Romsterjaeger, either my docker was stuck in some persistent state or my terminal i was using was hosed. i can't recreate the problem now.03:40
jaegervery strange, no idea03:41
Romsterme nether i am just happy it is working again.03:41
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