IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2017-01-01

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Romsteroops i bumped conpat-32/xz-32 to 1.2.3 but the one in core 3.3 is still old. core 3.3 needs to be updated from 3.2 branch04:42
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jueFYI, I just upated flash because it includes several critical security fixes13:37
juelooks like sepen did not have any time for crux right now13:38
jueoh, I forgot, happy new year to everybody :)13:39
frinnstaye, happy newyear!13:43
frinnstyeah im a bit worried about sepen. he's still critical to crux imo. Dont want to lose him13:44
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jueyeah, neither am I14:35
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pedjaI am sure you are aware of libpng vulnerability fixed in 1.6.2720:30
frinnstwaiting for a apng patch to arrive21:08
frinnstlooks theoretical only so Im not breaking my back over it21:08
pedjaArch couldn't wait, so they used apng patch for 1.6.26 :)21:58
frinnstyeah it doesnt apply cleanly and i cant be arsed to do it manually21:59
Romsterlets face it png group is never going to accept apng format?23:12
Romstermozilla shoul have just made a new format23:12

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