IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2017-01-02

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frinnstyeah its pretty bizarre00:26
frinnstdo the other browsers support it?00:27
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Romsteractually i really haven't looked into that.04:52
Romsterbut i'd gather most if not all bundle every library they use.04:52
Romsterunless you force it to use system libraries.04:52
frinnstyeah but do the other browsers actually support apng?08:37
frinnstsince its not part of the official specification08:38
Romsteris it ok if i bump cairo from .2 to .4 ?11:15
Romster.2 does not exist anymore.11:15
Romsterin crux 3.311:15
Romsterwhy are we using the snapshot directory in the url that would be why it is short lived.11:17
Romsteror not.11:18
frinnstah, yeah please do11:18
frinnsti thought i'd pushed that11:18
Romsterstrange 1.15.2 is there but i keep getting 40411:18
Romsterok gonna bump that to .4 after i build it.11:22
Romsteri've been thought though ports and fixing what i find.11:22
frinnstI pushed a gcc 6 fix for qt4 yesterday11:24
frinnsti sent sepen a patch back in november but havent gotten a reply11:24
Romsteri saw that and it builds ok here now.11:26
Romsteri guess he is to busy with family.11:26
Romsterpitillo, i think has contact with sepen ^11:27
Romsterfrinnst, done11:39
jueflex 2.6.3 seems to work fine but because 2.6.2 was totally broken I'm a bit reluctant11:49
Romstermmm what did it break before jue?11:50
juewould be nice if someone else could use it, just a version bump and a move from .xz to .gz11:50
juedunno exactly what it breaks but gentoo had a list11:50
Romsteroh just compile time stuff?11:51
Romsteri can spin another docker container up and test it.11:51
juethat's fine, thanks11:52
Romsterbut atm we can't compile everything in the ports trees as it is.11:52
Romstersomethings have errors i am slowly going though the ports11:52
Romsteri don't have a proper list yet11:53
Romstersome minor like missing depends on.11:53
Romsteri'll test flex11:53
frinnstyeah something didnt work with newer flex.. dont remember what it was13:12
frinnstit was something i/we bumped in november iirc13:14
Romsteri'm done for the night i need to get to sleep13:15
Romsteri'll do more tomorrow after work13:15
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frinnstanyone gotten chromium to work in 3.3?14:40
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