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nomiusRomster: how you bjilt chromium in 3.3? We have fried it in 3.3 and it does  hild, but when gou open it, the first page gou open and it crasbes (awww snap message)... I didn'seany new built patches in 3.3 log, so ig's kinda weird that it works for ya...05:13
Worksterdo you have /dev/shm in fstab nomius ?05:36
frinnstseems bumping the version to 56.0.2924.28 works08:32
nomiusyes,  do...08:51
nomiusfunny is fhat fhe build from 3.2 was working but the one from 3.3 wasn't08:53
frinnstits the code generated by gcc09:06
frinnstfresh install on 3.3-rc1: removing partitions in parted generates something like this:09:09
frinnstudevd[788]: inotify_add_watch(7, /dev/sda1, 10) failed: No such file or directory09:09
nomiusfrinnst: so what's the fix?09:19
frinnstbump the chromium version09:20
nomiusBut the version that Romster built on 3.3 is the same we built and that crashed09:23
frinnst56.0.2924.28 ?09:34
nomiusRomster has 54.0.2840.100 in
nomiusLOOOL, Romster package still crashes :-P09:42
nomiusI guess we have to see what happens on 56*09:42
frinnstyeah thats older09:43
frinnstthats the version currently in opt09:43
nomiusRomster, have you tested that package?09:44
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frinnstRomster: =======> ERROR: Signature mismatch found:11:13
frinnst=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/opt/flac/flac#1.3.2-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.11:13
nomiusNiiice, 1.3.2 :-)12:30
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pitilloRomster: these last months not so much. It's getting harder but he usually answer mails. No idea why he hasn't replied since november18:49
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pedjaI see that am not the only one that gets md5sum mismatch with flac :)20:00
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frinnsthope you dont mind Romster, pushed flac fixes20:32
Romster=======> ERROR: Md5sum mismatch found:21:41
RomsterMISSING   454f1bfa3f93cc708098d7890d0499bd  flac-1.3.2.tar.xz21:41
RomsterNEW       7c4f5cc85f953313a9134197b0db14ec  flac-1.3.2.tar.xz21:41
Romster=======> ERROR: Building '/var/ports/packages/flac#1.3.2-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.21:41
Romsterand the file was off your mirror frinnst  this time around.21:41
Romster7c4f5cc85f953313a9134197b0db14ec  flac-1.3.2.tar.xz from
Romsterunless they silently updated it21:43
Romster7c4f5cc85f953313a9134197b0db14ec  flac-1.3.2.tar.xz21:44
Romster454f1bfa3f93cc708098d7890d0499bd  flac-1.3.2.tar.xz-today21:44
Romsterthe fuck they silently updated it on
Romstergrr i hate when they do that21:44
Romsterdon't have time to fix the rest right now i'll do it later21:50
nomiusRomster: I know is a lot to ask... But could you build chromium 56? :-S22:32
Worksterbeen thinking of doing that nomius, i'll get it started22:48
Worksternomius, on crux 3.2 or 3.3?22:50
frinnstmind pushing it also? sepen seems to be mia. I dont have the deps installed at home and no keys at work to sign and push22:51
Worksterok i can do that22:52
Worksteri just remote log in to my home pc22:52
frinnstim gonna take it upon myself to update sepens ports somewhat - the ones i use atleast22:53
Workster56.0.2924.21 ?22:57
Worksterbeen wanting to fix imlib22:58
frinnsti tested 56.0.2924.28 at work22:58
frinnstbuilt fine under 3.322:58
frinnstand ran fine too :-)22:58
Worksterok i'll go with .2822:58
frinnstfound it hard to find information on chromium releases. found a github repo that had some chromium release version info in it22:59
Worksteryeah it's been hard tokeep track23:00
Workster well there is a xml there of versions23:01
frinnstyeah but only lists ancient versions, no?23:02
frinnstnot sure how chromium releases match23:03
Worksterwhy does it not list new versions yeah only goes to 21....23:03
Workster lists 55.23:03
frinnstyeah i guess my version was a beta23:03
Worksternice page23:03
Workstermmm will i go with 55 stable ?23:04
Worksteror we want beta23:04
frinnststable > beta. but i only tested 5623:04
frinnstI can test 55 tomorrow23:05
frinnst~10hrs from now23:05
Worksternomius, ? is 55 fine or you want the beta? package23:05
Worksteri can build beta package for nomius  but build 55 for opt23:05
nomius55 if stable23:06
nomius54 isn't working in 3.323:06
nomiusFor 3.3 would be awesome!23:07
Worksterok on to 55.0.2883.103 then23:07
Worksteri'll do it for 3.2 and 3.323:08
Workstermy poor pc lol23:08
frinnstACTION got a new pc at work today \o/23:08
frinnst <- what I had before. new box is a i7-479023:09
frinnstboth are benchmarked on that page23:09
nomiusThanks Workster :-)23:25
jaegerfrinnst: nice upgrade23:29

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