IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2017-01-05

Worksterdoes the beta work on 3.3 frinnst? if so i guess push that.00:53
nomiusCrap, 55 crashes also on 3.3?01:10
nomiusfrinnst: have you tries the 56 (beta) on 3.3? Did that one work?01:10
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nomiusI think we need this patch:
Worksteri just had a thought perhaps chromium is using the gold linker than ld, might be causing it. need to take a look at configure02:42
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nomiusWorkster: can you please build 55 with that patch?05:00
frinnstI've pushed the beta to 3.307:06
Romsteris that working?07:49
frinnstfor me atleast07:52
Romsterstrange that stable does not work in crux 3.307:53
Romsterwhat's with this nss update? i haven't tested yet myself i only just got home07:53
juenew sed and flex are working fine for me so far11:35
juefrinnst, Romster: seen any problems?11:36
jueRomster: are you able to build wine with flex 2.6.3?11:38
juefrinnst: footprint error for nss11:42
jueMISSING   -rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/include/nss/eccutil.h11:42
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frinnstim on it12:28
frinnstI dont want to be alone :->13:11
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jaegerfrinnst: hehe14:43
jaegerProbably due for another rc with package and kernel updates15:11
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juesound like a good idea, but I'd suggest to have the new sed and flex versions in15:19
jaegerfine by me15:20
jueok, I'll commit them soon15:21
jaegercool. I'll do a 3.3 merge after work and start a new bootstrap16:18
jaegerRomster, frinnst: does NSS_ENABLE_TLS_1_3 need to be reenabled since we went back to nss 3.27.x or no?16:31
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Romsteri had no issues with it enabled in 3.27.x21:32
Romsterit's experiential though21:32
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frinnstjaeger: yeah i decided to leave it out for now. I havent had any issues with it nor had any complaints until the curfuffle this morning :-)23:37
jaegerOK. Was just curious and matching up the x86 version23:38
frinnstteK_: irssi 1.0.0 \o/23:42
frinnstalso patches a security issue23:43

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