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Worksterjue, i haven't tested yet, not feeling the best atm00:30
Worksteri see you committed i'll do a full rebuild and see how it goes00:30
Worksteri hadn't reverted compat-32 yet00:31
jaegerjue: I'll build another RC after your gperf/eudev changes00:35
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Worksterjue, I think flex did break wine
Worksteri've rebuilt every package05:28
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Romster i have a fix.07:01
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Guest19203jaeger: done11:35
Guest19203Romster: wrt libfl_pic see NEWS,
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jaegerjue_: ok, cool15:09
frinnstah, so sed seems to break firefox17:08
frinnstsuggest we roll it back?17:14
juefrinnst: can you reproduce the break?17:40
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juesee it now, it's a bug in firefox:17:45
juesed: character class syntax is [[:space:]], not [:space:]17:45
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juehmm, the sed in build/autoconf/icu.m4 seems to be correct18:04
juesorry, but I have to leave now for today, dunno if it's worth to debug this further but feel free to switch back to the old sed18:06
frinnstyeah the build system in firefox is no picnic18:49
frinnstanyways, i've created a patch18:49
frinnst.. so, how the f do you replace "[:space:]" with "[[:space:]]" with sed? :-)18:58
frinnstits in a bunch of places so fuck it for now, reverted19:06
jaegersed -e 's,\[:space:\],\[\[:space:\]\],g' ?19:40
jaegerThere's probably a more efficient way, though19:42
pedjahm.should I open just one bug and attach patches for gnupg/libgcrypt/libgpg-error updates, or one FS issue per port?19:50
frinnsttek maintains all of those right? one ought to be fine21:29
frinnstcheers jaeger. i suck at regex :-)21:31
frinnstmakes my tiny brain hurt21:32
jaegermine too, most of the time21:32
jaegerpedja: If it's all the same issue and same maintainer, I'd say just one21:40
frinnstdoh, the sed adds extra [] to the valid ones too21:43
pedjayes, tek is the maintainer for all of them. one task it is then.less work for me and for him ;)21:45
frinnstthe line looks like this:  version=`sed -n 's/^[:space:]*#[[:space:]]*define[[:space:]][[:space:]]*U_ICU_VERSION_MAJOR_NUM[[:space:]][[:space:]]*\([0-9][0-9]*\)[[:space:]]*$/\1/p' "$icudir/common/unicode/uvernum.h"`21:46
frinnstso [:space:] needs to be replaced with [[:space:]], without adding extra brackets to the corrent [[:space:]]21:46
frinnstnot really a suitable case for sed i guess. but its in a lot of places and i would probably need to redo the patch every other firefox release22:14
jaegerah, sorry, I assumed they were all the single bracket version22:19
jaegerfrinnst: maybe sed -e 's|\[\{1,2\}:space:\]\{1,2\}|\[\[:space:\]\]|g' ?22:55
jaegerIt won't match MORE than 2 brackets but I suspect those would be in error anyway22:55
Romsterthat works jaeger22:57
Romsteri was jsut hacking at regex myself on this22:58
jaegerI was switching between that and work, took me a while22:59
jaegerupgraded a ruby package and installed bundler on a few systems using ansible, kinda neat23:00
jaegerI know that doesn't sound like much but I've not used ansible much at all so far, it was a start23:00
Romsteri only woke up not long ago. and i hadn't got that far as to limit chars with {} but i have used that a number of times.23:12
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