IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2017-01-07

frinnstcheers. but looks like it wont really help00:54
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frinnstfuck mozillas automake-2.13 dependency01:02
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frinnstthe mozilla mascot really makes sense. "here be dragons"01:11
frinnstabandon all hope01:11
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frinnstyeah ansible is sweet. I dont have much use for it at work other than installing apt/yum updates or pushing out rsyslog configs to spew data to our graylog server02:52
frinnstI'd love to be able to use it more for all our customer servers but all customer networks are isolated02:52
jaegerWe use puppet for our internal infrastructure configuration management but we're starting to add ansible for orchestration tasks02:55
jaegerThey work nicely together02:55
jaegerLooks like the gperf update breaks compilation of libcap - I'll try to investigate that tomorrow03:33
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Romsterfrinnst, adwaita-icon-theme is old version 3.22.0 is out also when i build it in a clean container it's missing a heap of files in the footprint. most likely desktop-file-utils as a dependency07:33
frinnstI generally try to keep all the gtk3 stuff on he same minor version. suspect it might be lagging in 3.311:54
frinnst3.2 is still on 3.20.x11:54
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juejaeger: my bad :(15:16
juejaeger: just recognized that one point of the changes is very intrusive:15:18
jue * The 'len' parameter of the hash function and of the lookup function is now of type 'size_t' instead of 'unsigned int'.15:18
juetherefore we need an additional include statement15:19
jueguess it's better to switch back to 3.0.4 at the moment15:20
jueanother option is to build libcap without the gperf hash, which seems to work well15:21
jueonly a simple sed needed: sed -i "/^BUILD_GPERF/d" Make.Rules15:22
jaegerNo preference here, is there a significant difference?15:23
juesorry, no idea about the effects for the final binary15:24
jaegerfair enough15:25
jueI'd say it's best to revert, because other ports might be affected too15:27
jaegerProbably safest15:29
pedjaeven the bleeding edge distros stay away from gperf-3.1 for now :)15:54
pedjabtw, you can close FS#1056 now, since Romster repackaged qt5.15:56
pedjaexplicit switching between qt versions was my preference, but he did a good job :)15:58
juejaeger: done16:01
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jaegerjue: sounds good, thanks. I'll start another bootstrap16:36
nomiusDoes this new version of flex breaks anything then?18:35
nomiusWorkster Romster if you built chromium 56, can you please upload it?19:16
frinnstisnt it just faster to build it yourself?19:19
frinnstrather than waiting for romster :)19:19
nomiusWell, actually not :-(19:22
frinnstRomster: regarding adwaita, you'll need gtk3 for all the stuff to be generated19:23
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Romsternomius, doing it now.23:46
Romsterpedja, it felt like another package that wasn't needed. never had it in the past for qt nor with gtk programs can link to either one.23:54
Romsternomius, flex broke wine that i already fixed23:54

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