IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2017-01-10

nomiusAnyone tried the lftp in opt? :-P00:13
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darfoI use it frequently to upload a blog00:35
nomiusSee if it works in 3.3 ;-)01:25
jaegeruploading an rc2 ISO now, haven't tested it yet though01:51
jaegersame location, ETA 7 minutes01:51
onoderajaeger: any major differences?02:01
onoderaor minor :p02:01
jaegervery minor. package updates, new kernel02:32
jaegerno real bugs were reported02:32
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nomiusYou might want to upgrade lftp to 4.7.504:21
nomiusYou might want to add this at the bottom of the grub2 Pkgfile:04:35
nomius(cd $PKG/usr/share/grub && ln -s ../../lib/grub/fonts/unifont.pf2 unicode.pf2)04:35
nomiusOtherwise grub-mkrescue won't find the pf2 font04:35
nomiusI think qemu and qemu-all Pkgfiles are inverted :-P04:42
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pedjaall the cool kids use material theme, right ;) ?19:33
onoderapedja: hehe, making a new wiki?19:46
pedjanot really :).but I learn new stuff much better with an actual project, so19:47
pedjathis took a couple of hours, mostly reading the docs and cleaning up after pandoc html-->markdown conversion19:53
onoderanice, I forked some project that does md -> html a little while back:
onoderanow I just use my httpd which has some way of displaying md's as html out of the box20:01
pedjathis uses mkdocs, which builds static site ready for's very cool.20:04
nomiusmd2man would be cool :-P22:39
onoderanomius: this is what I use22:40
pedjaI am pretty sure pandoc can do md2man :)22:40
pedjaand a *lot* of other formats, too22:41
pedjasingle binary, like that Go one22:42
pedjavim is at patchlevel 0170.time for an update?22:55
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