IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2017-01-15

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onoderanomius: yes13:31
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nomiusonodera: how is that working out?18:34
onoderanomius: I have been using it for about a year now I think18:36
onoderano problems18:36
onoderaso far I've only needed to patch ffmpeg 3.2.2 and wpa_supplicant18:36
onoderaboth just simple ifdef patches18:36
onoderaI've a port here18:38
onoderaand shipped the ffmpeg and wpa_supplicant patches with it18:38
nomiusHow about the browsers? Does firefox and chromium work with libressl?18:39
onoderaI haven't ever tried chromium18:40
onoderabut servo, firefox, seamonkey, netsurf all work fine18:40
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frinnstfirefox doesnt use openssl, it uses nss21:23
frinnstI dont think any browser uses openssl21:24
frinnstperl 5.22.3 for the 3.2 branch was released. I dont feel comfortable pushing that since I cant really test it21:40
frinnstbut I just pushed 5.24.1 for 3.321:41

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