IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2017-01-18

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frinnstbunch of xorg ddx drivers just released. Just abi fixes09:27
frinnstevdev, r128, i740, savage, sisusb, trident, glint, nv, siliconmotion, chips, mga, sis tdfx09:28
frinnsti'll be home in 7hrs and do the bumps then unless someone beats me to it09:30
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juefrinnst: great, I was out of town the last days and a bunch of other ports are waiting for an update so it help if I can ignore xorg for now ;)15:11
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frinnstdoing it now18:59
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frinnstdone. also merged to 3.319:09
frinnsti removed the r128 driver - no new hardware has been made since 1998 for that chip19:09
frinnstim confident nobody needs it :-)19:09
jaegerno objections here19:22

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