IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2017-01-19

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jaegerHow are we looking on 3.3? Have you guys run into any problems that need to be fixed?19:38
onoderajaeger: I've been using it since rc1, and haven't encountered any problems20:59
jaegerGlad to hear that21:05
pedjacan xorg-input-evdev and xorg-input-libinput coexist, or it's 'use just one'?21:43
pedjait makes sense to enable just one of them at the time, but is it required to remove one to use the other?21:44
juejaeger: no problems, 3.3 seems very solid to me22:15
juepedja: yes, if you have both installed libinput is the one used without any user configuration22:16
juepedja: I'm using libinput since quite some time on all my boxes22:17
pedjanice :)22:18
pedjaI'll enable it when I update xorg-server to 1.19.122:18
pedjathanks, jue22:20
crash_rc1 is working fine for me as well :)22:20
pedjarc1 is the latest, right?22:22
jaegerthere's an rc2, though I didn't even announce it22:22
jaegerSince rc1 didn't have any big problems22:22
pedjawhat's the changelog for rc2?a few updates?22:23
pedjaany gotchas for update from 3.2?22:24
jaegerjust package updates, different kernel22:26
pedjaand signed ports :)22:27
jaegersigned ports didn't change between rc1 and rc222:27
pedjamy mistake, I thought you were talking about 3.2->3.3 changes, not rc1->rc2 :)22:34
jaegerah, ok22:34
pedjaI rather like the evolutionary nature of Crux releases.22:35
jaegerno big gotches, setup-helper should pretty much take care of things like that22:35
pedjaI think I already dd'd the rc1 ISO to my trusty 2Gb usb flash stick, if only I could find it :)22:42
crash_firmware on the iso is so nice now22:46
pedjaonly firmware I use is the Intel microcode update.22:47
pedjajaeger, have you considered putting link to RC releases in the topic for this channel?23:14
jaegerI had not, but I suppose we could23:16
jaegerheh, topic hasn't changed in over 10 years23:16
pedjait took me a while to remember that it's :)23:17
jaegerIt did go to the ML, at least23:19
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