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onoderait feels kind of wrong to change a 10 year old topic ;)00:03
jaegerIt does, a bit00:10
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jueFYI: I've just added tags for 3.3-rc2 to core/opt/xorg10:49
jue4.9 is a LTS kernel now, if we decide to use it for 3.3 we have to use 4.9 for our glibc kernel-headers as well, IMO11:46
jueprobably a bit late for such a change but definitely a reason for another rc11:47
pedjaso my laziness (postponing upgrade to 3.3-rc2) payed off, after all :)12:27
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frinnsthm, we need to patch prt-get to recognize -is13:43
frinnstmpup is a bitch to use when the repos are signed :-)13:43
pedjawould someone bump jdk to 121, too?(yes, it's one of the sepen's ports :) )13:51
pedjaarch deprecated quite a few xorg drivers when they moved to 1.19.x.interesting.13:55
onoderayeah, maybe crux should to13:57
onoderaI think one driver already got deprecated this week13:57
pedjathey list several video drivers13:59
onoderayeah i mean on crux one got deprecated14:03
pedjaxorg-input-libinput works fine, so it makes sense.14:06
jaegerjue: I don't see 4.9 listed as LTS on, for what that's worth14:15
frinnstjaeger: are lazy, gregkh made it official yesterday/today14:20
pedja4.9 is listed as LTS on the releases page :)14:27
jaegerAh, ok14:34
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jaegerI don't mind doing another RC for that, personally15:06
jaegerI don't have a strong feeling, though. There are a lot of 4.4.x releases where 4.9 is only up to 4.9.515:07
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frinnstnew hardware support is always a good thing i guess16:46
juefrinnst: you can use --margs=-is ;)17:00
juebut yeah, the shortcut would be consitent17:01
juelike -im and -if17:02
jueso what's our way with the kernel? TBH, I don't have a strong opinion but as always it's a burden to have to branches in parallel17:05
juebut as frinnst said, a newer kernel means newer hardware support17:07
jaegerWell, I'm not against 4.9 if we do another RC and test for a bit17:09
jaegerI like having the latest LTS kernel on the ISO if possible17:09
jueok, decided, I'll prepare and upload new kernel-headers :)17:12
jaegerok. :)17:12
juedone, new glibc release pushed17:38
onoderahmm running into this error compiling glibc on my vps18:10
onoderaoh probably my LDFLAGS sorry :')18:10
jaegerjue: cool, I'll build a new toolchain and start another RC18:14
juenp, thanks to you :)18:26
crash_now when i have 3.3 rc1 installed can i just keep update it and i don't need to reinstall when the final release is done?22:02
crash_great :)22:15
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