IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2017-01-21

frinnstpatch done for prt-get00:28
frinnsthad a read only checkout of prt-get and its late so here are the patches:00:28
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frinnsthm, where is the actual source tree for prt-get? the tree hosted on is still on 5.18?11:17
frinnstanyways, merged the stuff from the 5.19 tarball and bumped to 5.19.1 and repushed11:30
frinnstalso update the manpage11:30
frinnstpushed to 3.311:45
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juefrinnst: cptn's upstream repo is here:
jueI'd suggest to send him a pull-request12:20
juefrinnst: sorry, forgeot to say thanks for the update :)12:25
frinnstah, cheers12:26
jaegerppp build seems to break with the new glibc/kernel headers - I'll check it out when I get back home but about to go out cycling with some friends16:42
jaegerSo the RC is delayed a little16:42
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juejaeger: found a patch from fedora, will commit the fix18:15
_JCWhat's the fix about?18:16
jueit's trivial, just order of #include's18:20
_JCwoah. the order of #include's can cause issues?18:21
_JCI never knew that18:21
juejaeger: done18:24
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jaegerjue: didn't mean for you to do all the work, sorry... thanks, though :)20:45
juejaeger: np, was just curious and the fedora patch a quick finding, so ... :)21:00
jaegerfair enough :)21:01
jaegerstarted the bootstrap21:01
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nomiusinclude order can cause issues in you include b and then a and in b your refer to something from a22:23
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