IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2017-01-23

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jaegeruploading -rc3 to now; I'll write an announcement after work in a few hours unless someone else wants to do it first21:27
teK_ACTION applaudes :))21:28
Romsterpatch to fix flex for wine21:44
Romsterso i can remove that hack patch out of wine.21:44
Romsterif someone could apply that for flex please21:45
frinnsthow the fuck do you cleanly download a patch from github? cut&paste ?22:06
frinnstno "raw" view?22:07
jaegerIf it's a PR you can just add .diff to the URL22:07
jaegerNo idea about other places, though22:08
frinnsttoo late & too tired to mess with flex for now22:19
Worksterwhat did sed break?22:19
Workstergood question on hiyhub... where is the plain/raw download patch or even hide line numbers22:20
Worksterah hit view button then hit raw button22:21
Worksteri guess make a diff of that file to sources... it's not actually a patch but the entire file.22:24
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Worksterthat's not helpful -_-22:24
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onoderaput .patch at the end of the url22:26
onoderagives you a raw view22:27
_JCcrux 3.3 is out???22:27
frinnst22:27 <jaeger> uploading -rc3 to now22:31
_JCis it the current development of crux?22:32
frinnstthe message is 70 minutes old, so yes22:37

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