IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2017-01-25

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pedjasince sysklogd is basically unmaintained at this point, have you considered switching to rsyslog?17:15
jaegerrsyslog would definitely get my vote, I use it on most of my systems17:41
pedjaI borrowed your port for it, jaeger :)17:42
pedjathat and OpenRC are on my post-update to 3.3 list17:45
pedjaand glvnd17:46
pedjaand Vulkan17:46
pedjaand...I'll think of something :)17:47
pedjachangelog for docker-1.13.0 is looong, but no mention of native openvswitch support17:50
jaegerI need to spend a little time testing it before updating17:51
pedjawith all the hype around it, I would expect a much better documentation for it.17:52
jaegerIt seems fine on my work system so far but that's mac os17:53
pedjahave you ever used it on Windows?17:53
jaegeronly linux and mac17:57
frinnstsysklogd works and is basic. rsyslog has had a few vulnerabilities over the years (not unsurprising since its a lot more capable and complex)18:30
frinnstits already easy enough to switch logger (imho)18:30
jaegerMy only complaint about sysklogd was that it output lines that didn't parse properly with logstash by default18:33
jaegerI didn't actually dig into it to see if they're not RFC-compliant18:33
frinnstyeah we use rsyslog everywhere at work. I use sysklogd at home since im not doing anything fancy18:34
pedjafrinnst, are you using external logrotate with rsyslog or?18:58
frinnstpipe it all to graylog19:00
frinnstcentos/debina/ubuntu does the log rotation automagically19:01
pedjai use logrotate19:01
pedjaI might try ELK, once I figure out docker networking using WeaveNet plugin :)19:04
pedjakeeping libvirt and docker networks separate for the time being19:06
jaegerI'm using ELK in my home lab but I don't mess with it much, really19:07
pedjaI want to see what's all the hype about, really :)19:07
frinnstinstalled netdata earlier. pretty and informative19:23
frinnstbut doesnt seem very usable for larger scale deployments19:23
jaegeryeah. I've got it on a single machine here at home because it looks neat19:35
jaegerbut I can't see using it in enterprise settings19:35
pedjastupid question: where does docker actually store the images?/var/lib/docker?20:02
pedjato answer my own question: yes, it does20:05
jaegeryes :)20:05
pedjajaeger, shouldn't that directory have root:docker permissions, or?20:06
jaegerdoesn't seem to need to be set that way. At least I've not seen any trouble related to that so far20:07
pedjaoh, ok.20:07
pedjaI'll have to stop docker and symlink or bind mount a bigger docker dir to /var/lib/ root is ~2Gb :)20:08
jaegerideally you'd set up a thin provisioned LV there20:08
jaegerwell, not specifically on /var/lib/docker but yeah. a thin lv is the preferred way20:10
pedjaLV needs a dedicated partition/disk, right?20:10
jaegeryou could probably do it on a file or something but in general a partition or disk is used20:11
pedjauntil I rebuild the system, bind mount will have to do :)20:14
pedjadocker automagically mounted /dev/sdb1 (root partition) to /var/lib/docker/
pedjaLVM2 has some of the best man pages I've ever seen :)20:25
jaegeryeah, it's well documented20:25 *** Could not find autoconf 2.13.  Stop.21:37
Romster=======> ERROR: Building '/var/ports/packages/thunderbird#45.6.0-2.pkg.tar.xz' failed.21:37
Romsterlooks like thunderbird also needs that same dependency for autoconf that firefox uses21:38
jaegerteK_: couple things for the postfix port:
teK_uh oh22:28
teK_did you have issues with the new docker overwriting /dev/null?22:29
teK_i.e. making an ordinary file out of it22:29
jaegerthe last line of the post-install doesn't work in dash22:30
jaegerAnd no, I've not seen docker mess with /dev/null so far22:31
teK_thanks, twice22:36
teK_I chose to adjust things slightly :]22:37
jaegerthat's fine, just suggestions :)22:37
teK_@work, our docker guy has the issue that .13 replaces /dev/null after a container (with plain ubuntu in it) has been built22:38
jaegerI'll do another test, give me a min22:38
jaegerThe tests I ran were to build and run my RPM builder containers for work which use centos 6 and 722:40
jaegerIs there a simple way to reproduce his issue with an ubuntu container?22:42
teK_iirc, the file simply did a pull from the registry and a docker build / run22:43
teK_after the build step, /dev/zero was gone22:43
teK_downgading helped. This is on an ubuntu host, btw22:43
jaegerI also ran one of my centos RPM builder containers again which has a lot more happening. No problems that I can see22:48
teK_good to know, will tell him. He wont like that ;)22:48
jaegerIf it's an ubuntu bug there's a good chance someone has already filed a report22:49
teK_not in docker's github tracker22:51
jaegerI was thinking of ubuntu's22:58
teK_he should be monitoring that already23:03

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