IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2017-01-26

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jueRomster: with gobject-introspection I see a lot of errors like this one ->
jueRomster: but the port builds just fine16:47
jueI'm a bit astonished16:48
juefrinnst: while looking a this I saw that there's a glib 2.50.2 out16:49
pedjaRomster, I am getting footprint mismatch with fontforge (both MISSING and NEW).16:56
pedjaah, different permissions for usr/share/icons/hicolor (775 vs 755).I've must fucked something up.ignore me :)17:00
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frinnstcheers jue21:04
frinnstbtw you lazy bastards, pull your own crap into 3.321:05
frinnstmassive list o' crap for me to fix signatures for21:05
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