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Romsteri've planned to fix that later frinnst, it was a big list in opt-3.2 as it was01:29
Romsteri didn't see that gobject-introspection error jue01:30
Romstergentoo hasn't got any patches01:35
Romsterarch has one but it  looks like it's for flex 2.6.1 only?
Romsterglib 2.50.2 might solve gobject-introspection error01:39
Romsteror flex has another bug...01:39
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jueRomster: no, glib update doesn't help, that was my first thought and the reason why I stumbled over 2.50.208:16
jueRomster: and flex downgrade neither08:16
jueRomster: to be clear, the port builds fine but I saw the error messages in the build log08:17
Romsterbut it's not affecting anything else and i don't see any patches on other distros about it. hmm i'll have a look at the projects bug tracker.08:47
frinnstwhat port(s) caused those messages?12:45
frinnsthas anybody tested openssl 1.1.0 ?12:58
juefrinnst: gobject-introspection14:04
jueand no :)14:04
frinnstso when you rebuilt gobject-introspection after upgrading it?14:09
frinnstah yeah, now i see it14:09
frinnsthow pretty :-)14:09
jueso, now it's time to finally update my desktop to 3.3, laptop and litte server are already on it ;)14:51
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jueok, I'm back, no problems16:08
juejaeger: I saw one error message while booting rc3 -> loding modules...  modprobe: module exportfs not found16:10
jaegerOK, I'll check it out. I thought I had removed that one already16:12
jaegerAh, I removed it from the initramfs list but not from the init script. Thanks16:19
frinnst<>: host[] said: 554 your16:24
frinnst    email was flagged as spam (in reply to end of DATA command)16:24
frinnstouch, lots of stuff not wanting to build with openssl 1.1.016:49
pedjasomeone asking 'when will Crux switch to LibreSSL' in 3,2,...17:00
pedjasame time it makes python3 the default, I guess (2020)17:05
juepedja: guess you have two python versions installed, right?17:08
pedjayes.python2 as default17:08
juecan you live without python2?17:09
pedjaI haven't tried :)17:09
juesee, I don't have python3 installed and everything works ;)17:10
jueI don't have a problem to switch to 3 as the default but only if not almost all of our users have to install two pythons17:11
pedjaI installed it to play with it, I use Miniconda/Conda when I actually need it :)17:11
pedjafor Pandas or something like that17:12
pedja(too lazy to package that :) )17:13
jueok, fair enough :)17:14
pedjaswitching to it as default is a lot of work, many apps presume that /usr/bin/python=python217:14
pedjaArch patches a *lot* of packages17:15
jueyeah, saw that17:16
juewas a reason for me to say no17:17
pedjathey can, for most of the time, coexist nicely, but there are a few ports that need fixing if both are installed.17:19
pedjafixing and/or making py2 and py3 versions.17:20
pedjaI am slowly moving my python ports into one repo, for deduplication and 'keep what's left of my sanity' sake :)17:22
pedjaso my saltstack repo now has only 4 ports in it :)17:27
pedjaand python repo is 64...17:28
pedjaso, crux-3.3-rc3 is the last, barring last minute bugs, release candidate?17:35
pedjaI'll take your silence as 'yes/no/maybe' :)17:37
frinnsti'll do the openssl update20:32
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pedjaupgrade to 3.3 was smooth.good job, devs :)22:28
pedjaI had to manually fix contrib and compat-32 rsync files to point to 3.3, though.22:29
pedjacore, opt and xorg were taken care of during rejmerge22:30

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