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Romsteri thought that was fixed00:35
Romsterso that rejmerge would have the compat-32 and contrib changes00:36
Romsterfrinnst, yeah i decided to use a vanity email at my domain and forwared it to my gmail account i can receive but it never works to send to the mailing list :/00:37
pedjaRomster, I noticed when I ran ports -u.00:38
Romsteri queried jaeger on that and it was committed in like crux 2.7.1 iirc00:40
pedjacontrib.rsync.inactive is accurate00:44
pedjabecause it's *.inactive, rejmerge ignores it, I guess00:45
pedjaas it should00:45
pedjaadd the note about it to Release Notes?00:46
Romstertrying to find that commit again00:50
Romsterpkg="`find core opt xorg \( -name \"${package}#*.pkg.tar.gz\" -o -name \"${package}#*.pkg.tar.bz2\" -o -name \"${package}#*.pkg.tar.xz\" \)&2> /dev/null`00:55
Romsterwe can probably drop bz2 support and just have gz and xz00:55
Romsterinject_packages() {00:55
Romsterit should work with contrib.rsync and contrib.rsync.inactive same with compat-3200:58
pedjathat's weird, I don't remember it ran when I updated.signify, xfont2 and one other thing did.01:01
Romsterare we supposed to move to libinput now and depreciate eudev?01:09
Romsteralso i've never used the keyboard or mouse driver since moving to eudev01:09
Romsterand that was a very long time ago01:09
pedjalibinput works fine, I've used it for a while with 1.19 on 3.201:11
pedjaI just depinstalled xorg-xf86-input-libinput, didn't touch evdev.01:14
Romsterdamn i said eudev when i meant evdev01:15
pedjacommon typo :)01:16
Romsterso true01:20
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juefrinnst: thx, seems only security related in the context for polkit?10:05
jueRomster: evdev is still maintained and evdev/libinput can coexist, so we are not in hurry10:21
jueI've added libinput some months ago to xorg and use it since then all my boxes10:22
juethe next step would be to add both ports to our iso10:23
jueRomster: just saw your rant on #crux, TBH I can understand you12:46
jueRomster: but it doesn't help, we cannot force the people to help with CRUX12:47
juemy simple suggestion is as always:12:47
jue1. all opt maintainers should move their ports to opt12:48
jue2. drop contrib al together12:48
jue3. drop all unmaintained ports from opt12:48
jue4. drop all 'private' unmaintained repos from crux.nu12:49
juewith point 4. I mean kde, xfce etc.12:49
juethat would shrink down the 'official' ports and rise the overall quality ot them12:51
jueI think less is better here than pure quantity12:51
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frinnstjue: yeah14:02
jaegerpedja: after an install/upgrade setup checks if both contrib.rsync and contrib.rsync.inactive exist. If both exist, it's assumed that the .rsync is 3.2 and the .inactive is the new 3.3. So then it moves the .inactive to var/lib/pkg/rejected/etc/ports and removes the .inactive suffix - then you fix it with rejmerge14:47
jaegerIt could be that we want it to just go ahead and install the new ones rather than waiting for a rejmerge, what do you guys think on that?14:48
Romsterjue, i could rant even more but i try not to go overboard this is a hobby distro after all.15:09
Romsterthat plan may be the most sensible one jue15:11
Romsterjaeger, i'm fine with rejmerge or moving them on update. maybe the later makes more sense but we should all be using rejmere anyways15:12
Romsteri'm going to get some sleep.15:12
Romsterafter 2am15:13
jaegerIf core, opt, and xorg are handled by rejmerge, these should be, too. consistency was the intent there15:29
jaegerpedja: are you saying that it did NOT behave that way?15:29
frinnstanybody object to me purging all the from the 3.3 repos?16:05
frinnstim so fed up watching that list16:05
frinnstim in favour of purging all the old unmaintained crap from everything16:07
frinnstat this point i think it hurts more than it helps to keep it around16:08
jaegerNo objections from me, except for xdg-utils - tek's filezilla port depends on that and probably other things can use it16:08
frinnstthen he or someone else should adopt it :-)16:08
onoderaas an user I say go ahead16:08
onoderaif someone needs the software in the future they can easily create their own port and maintain it, better than leaving some unmaintained port up imo16:09
frinnst describes my feelings towards unmaintained crap pretty well16:11
frinnstit is pretty impossible to maintain software that you have no interest or use for either16:11
juefrinnst: ++116:24
frinnstalright, i'll purge ALL THE THINGS17:10
frinnstright, i'll leave xdg-utils in contrib as per request17:16
juethx :)17:34
pedjajaeger, yes.rejmerge picked up on core,opt and xorg.rsync, but not the contrib and compat-32.18:05
pedjawhich is weird, I admit18:07
pedjathan again, it is quite possible that it did, but I just missed it :)18:10
pedjaI concentrated on rejmerge not stomping over several more important files (fstab, grub.d)18:11
pedjabtw, are you interested in updates for imagemagick and librsvg?18:13
pedjafor 3.318:14
frinnstVersion 2.39.0 is the last one with support for GTK+218:57
pedjaadwaita-icon-theme, that depends on it, lists gtk3 as a dep.19:11
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jaegerI'll do another 3.2 -> 3.3 upgrade to test the rejmerge thing21:13
pedjajaeger, as I said, it might be my fsckup :)21:43
jaegerOr mine, possibly21:43
pedjawanna bet :) ?22:01
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