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Romsterjue i opened a feature request for sqlite3 to fix clementine
Romsteri knew it was broken but i been lazy to find the cause. now i have.01:48
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juepedja: what's wrong with imagemagick?09:29
jueRomster: will do09:34
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jueRomster: FYI, I added FTS3 but not SQLITE_ENABLE_FTS3_TOKENIZER, because of security concerns this was disabled explicit, see
juehmm, new iptables 1.6.1 is not ABI compatible11:27
jueprobably a 3.3-only candidate?11:28
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frinnstyeah. do you have it ready?12:50
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pedjajue, 7.0.4-6 is the latest stable.13:43
pedjait's nothing wrong with it, just a bit behind :)13:44
pedjabeating xfce repo into reasonable shape was fun.13:47
pedjanow I need to setup that docker thingie, to try to build it on the clean system.13:48
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pedjajaeger, good job with crux-docker-image.I tweaked it a little and built 3.3 image.16:46
pedjaworks fine, afaict16:47
pedjalatest official Crux image on docker Hub is 3.1 :)16:48
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jaegerglad it works17:04
pedjawhat's the proper way of updating the image?update in the container, then 'docker commit', or ?17:09
jaegerthat's the easiest way, yeah17:10
pedjanew image is ~50Mb bigger with a few updated core ports.not bad.17:11
pedjafor xfce repo test build I'll either make a full Crux image, with opt and xorg also included, or just install them on the base, and then commit that.17:15
pedjaprtwashing before commit, of course.If I remember to do that :)17:16
pedjasomeone should update recommended CXXFLAGS in prt-get README, we are well beyond -march=i686 now17:29
frinnstprobably no longer an issue, but pushed the change17:32
pedja xcko in #crux is using custom CFLAGS, and he got hit by that :)17:34
pedja-march=native, or something like that17:35
jaegerseems to be doing the right thing18:11
pedjaI am not sure what happened, tbh.18:39
pedjano one else had that issue, and a lot of people have upgraded more than one system from 3.2 to 3.318:41
pedjaso it must be my fault :)18:42
jaegerNo idea, sorry. :/18:42
pedjait's a trivial 'issue', anyway18:43
pedjaand my system is a special snowflake.just like me :)18:44
pedjabtw, did you consider not stripping docker?'docker info' seems to use sha256 for version check.18:47
jaegeryeah, I need to add a nostrip to it, just forgot19:29
jaegerI have to run some errands now but I'm going to try again to build docker-proxy properly with 1.13.0 and if I can get that fixed up I'll push 1.13.0 again19:30
pedjaI disabled that in docker/daemon.json19:49
pedjaas suggested by docker-bench-security19:51
pedjabut you have to use a new enough kernel to disable it, iirc19:51
pedjanope, just new enough Docker version19:53
pedjahairpin NAT should become a default in a few releases, I think19:54
jaegerIt seems that they're still undecided about that :/
jaegerwell, undecided is the wrong word. they want to disable it by default but it causes problems still20:18
jaegerpedja: apparently I already had a .nostrip in docker20:56
jaegerI'd forgotten it was there, heh20:56
pedjathan 'docker info' checks something big deal :)21:02
juepedja: imagemagick is releasing too often for me, so I usually use only the latest in a serious, which is -10, the next I'll pick up is 7.0.4-1021:07
jaegerok, managed to build docker-proxy manually, will test a bit before re-pushing21:07
jaegerAnyone else want to test it?21:07
pedjajue, that's a nice strategy :)21:08
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pedjajaeger, sure.what was wrong with docker-proxy, again?so I know what to look for :)21:10
jaegerupstream removed it from the manual builds for some reason21:12
jaegerbut not from the container builds (which don't work properly anyway)21:13
jaegerpretty shit QA there, it looks like21:13
juefrinnst: sorry, not yet21:13
pedjabuilding it21:19
pedjaas I said before, it would be nice if they hired someone to write proper documentation.21:21
pedjaI don't see any difference.should docker-proxy be in the output of 'ps aux'?21:26
frinnstjue: i just did a version bump on my server to test21:27
frinnstthough I dont really use iptables anymore other than with fail2ban21:27
jaegerpedja: try a container with port mapping, then you should see a docker-proxy process for each port21:28
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frinnstwow, debian just updated tcpdump. looooooots of cve's plugged21:32
frinnstI count 3121:33
frinnstFor the unstable distribution (sid), these problems have been fixed in21:33
frinnstversion 4.9.0-1.21:33
frinnst4.8.1 is still the latest on tcpdump.org21:36
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jaegerSo far the new 1.13.0 package seems to be working for me21:38
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pedjajaeger, me too.21:42
pedjaI tried with alpine/nginx.docker-proxy runs, nginx says 'hi' when I connect :)21:43
jaegerCool, thanks for testing it.21:44
jaegerIf I don't see any other issues I'll repush it today21:44
pedjaI am (slowly) getting the hang of this docker thing.21:45
pedjajaeger, np21:45
Worksterpedja, take a look at romster/pkg-clean22:10
Worksteri use that when all i wanna do is remove ports i just depinst to depinst a new port22:10
pedjayou have a bunch of nifty tools, Workster.did you consider submitting them for inclusion to prt-utils?22:23
Worksteri have when they are cleaned up enough22:26
pedjaWalker, The Texas Ranger staring down the bear must be one of the televisions crowning moments.22:28

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