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pedja'Setuptools no longer supports self upgrade or installation in the general case.'00:13
pedja'Instead, users are directed to use pip to install and upgrade using the wheel distributions of setuptools.'00:13
pedjastarting with 34.0.000:14
dlcusaYeah, the 6c37 guys were just dealing with that--python3-setuptools now needs python3-pip and python3-six, but there's a circular dependencies issue to tapdance through--see the readme.00:53
Worksteri seen this already and i decided to hold off on updating setuptools02:22
Worksteris it okay to introduce pyhton3 to opt? and keep the binary as python3 so it does not affect python ports?03:07
Worksterjue, jaeger frinnst teK_ ^03:07
Worksteri have 2 back ports for livestream if i keep to python2.03:08
Worksterand i still have to figure out setuptools, as when you install setuptools it wants pip, but pip wont install without setuptools -_-03:09
Worksterdlcusa, what was the solution there?03:09
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frinnstWorkster: sounds good to me05:29
jaegersounds alright05:30
Worksteri have read it may affect some pyhton2 ports but i can't see how if it's prefixed as python3 unless it defaults to python3 and then breaks. guess we will see if we get to that.06:08
dlcusaWorkster, they added a README saying python3-pip has to be installed before upgrading python3-setuptools from 32 to 34, and python3-six also needs to be preinstalled.  Both are now functional prereqs but -pip can't be in the Depends On because it creates a prt-get cyclic dependency.07:03
Romsterdlcusa, but if you don't have any ports installed pip needs setuptools and setuptools needs pip.... you're screwed.07:39
Romsterunless there is a way to bootstrap it07:39
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pedjaWorkster, ports that use setuptools should be fine.I don't remember anything from opt breaking with py2/py3.13:15
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pedjallvm, you broken POS16:15
pedjagreat, now I have to maintain my own llvm port, because they couldn't be bothered to port --disable-bindings switch to Cmake.16:17
jueWorkster: no objections16:19
dlcusaRomster, it seems python3-setuptools v 32 is a pre-reg forv 34, and CRUX doesn't support keeping around older ports, 'tis true, so if you never built v 32 and still have the package file, you have a problem .  Maybe that concept should be revisited.16:50
jaegerperhaps setuptools should be rolled into the python3 port16:52
dlcusas/still/or didn't keep/16:52
juejaeger, frinnst: what do you think, another ISO or release rc3 as final?18:14
jaegerQuite a few updates since rc3, I'd kinda like to build another ISO since llvm is one of those and takes a long time to compile18:22
jaegernss and openssl updates might be nice, too18:22
jaegerWhat do you think?18:22
jueyeah, my thoughts as well18:28
jueadditionaly, I'd like to add an update for libevent18:28
jueit breaks the ABI, so it would be nice to have on the ISO18:29
jaegerSounds good to me18:30
jue... and iptables 1.6.1 ;)18:31
jueok, pushed libevent and iptables18:43
jaegerDoes anyone else have any updates to make that would affect the ISO before I build another one?20:37
teK_Workster: +1 wrt python320:47
teK_jaeger: I need to check which of my packages are on there20:47
juejaeger: adding libinput and xorg-xf86-input-libinput might be another idea?20:50
juesize of both gz-packages is 172K21:00
jaegerI don't have a strong feeling on libinput since it seems like that and evdev coexist. Up to you21:00
jueyeah, no problem to have both installed21:02
juebut xorg prefers libinput over evdev21:02
jaegerthey're both xorg ports, right?21:03
jaegerok, will add them21:03
teK_jaeger: done21:07
jaegerteK_: the gnu-efi and libgcrypt updates?21:08
teK_efivar needs more investigation AND patching21:08
teK_everything else is current21:08
jaegerok, will wait for that21:09
teK_dont wait21:10
teK_I already looked into it earlier and di not find a solution21:10
teK_this requires more time21:10
jaegerIs it broken?21:10
teK_the update wont compile21:11
teK_opt's version should be fine21:11
teK_thank you21:14
Romsteri've already bumped everything of mine in opt besides setuptools21:52
Romsterso that's right to go jaeger21:52
Romsternot sure how many of mine are actually on the iso.21:53
onoderajue: Hi, can you please add `./` to libevent? Right now it doesn't compile against libressl because the autogen step got removed22:25
onoderahmm that *should* fix it, but doesn't lol22:26
onoderahmm you can ignore that, I build it with the patch and i'll ship the patch with the libressl port22:32
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