IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2017-02-01

RomsterThe script cannot be used to bootstrap from an environment without setuptools. The script imports pip which requires setuptools to be be installed. This behavior was introduced in #933.01:44
Romster jaraco commented 2 days ago01:44
RomsterThanks for sharing. Do you think it should do anything differently?01:44
Romsterlike *seriously*01:44
dlcusaRomster, wait for it--it will dawn.02:41
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juefrinnst: you omitted presentproto intentionally?15:43
frinnstno, must have missed that15:49
pedjaany particular reason xinput is not enabled in xorg-libxcb port?does it break something?15:58
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frinnstdont know. i'd suspect its because 1) its not enabled by default. 2) nobody needed it16:14
pedjalumina-desktop depends on it, timcowchip mentioned last night.16:34
pedjahe said he16:35
pedjawill open the FS issue16:35
pedjayou can tell I am not a touch typist :)16:37
frinnsthe did16:38
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jaegera firefox update right after another rc bootstrap? :P20:15
frinnstits a tiiiny release20:15
frinnstnothing major20:15
frinnstwas even considering ignoring it but then some eagle eyed user would notice and start to complain :>20:16
teK_as if you cared :>20:16
frinnstwould require me to type /clear a lot more often20:17
teK_alias it to /c20:17
pedjaACTION prt-get locks firefox20:39
pedjaI don't get how arch's llvm installs ocaml bindings without patching.21:10
pedjaproperly, I mean.21:11
pedjaGentoo has some patches, but I can't figure out proper Cmake incantation for them to actually end up where they should21:13
pedjaannoyingly, llvm checks for ocaml-findlib instead of ocaml to decide if it should build the bindings.21:15
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