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Romsterdlcusa so i patched setuptools with
Romsterand added the --skip-dep-install10:06
Romsterto avoid pip but then it bitches about no six i goto build six and it bitches of no setuptools10:07
Romsterthis whole system is crap10:07
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frinnstfile a bug upstream? Would be interesting to see how they suggest you solve the problem12:29
RomsterteK_, i need to make changes to pip and move it to opt, is it possible for me to take over pip be easier.12:33
Romsterfrinnst, i found a way to bootstrap all this mess.12:33
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Romstercorrection contrib/pyparsing which is out of date and contrib/pip moved to opt and edited to be boot straped.13:42
pedjathe upstream suggestion is 'use pip' :)13:45
Romsteryeah but they don't say how, and i've figured it out so prt-get depinst setuptools just works (tm)13:46
pedjayay.looking forward to stealing^Wborrowing your solution.13:46
pedjaRomster, are you importing python3 and deps into opt?13:48
Romsterafter i am done with python2 yes13:48
pedjanice :)13:48
Romsteri have 2 things that use python3 now13:48
pedjathat stream something thing you talked about a while back?13:49
Romster1 canuse python2 still but it has 2 dependences of really long named backports. think it's time to have python3 alongside python213:49
Romsterprt-get deptree setuptools |wgetpaste13:52
Romsterand will go with python3 and python3-* of them ports.13:53
pedjaI don't remember I had any issues with opt ports and py2/py3.13:53
Romsterjust have to make sure you call python3 for them few that need it13:54
pedjasome ports use python2 by default, but if they detect python3, they use that, iirc13:55
pedjabut that's rare13:56
pedjaand the naming scheme would be python-$port_name, or?13:57
pedjafor modules (six, imaging, etc)13:57
pedjanot imaging, pillow13:57
Romsternot really fixed python-foo and pyfoo and version 3 as py3foo or python3-foo13:58
pedjaI tend to use py-foo and py3-foo13:58
Romsteri'd probably like to have python-six and python3-six but think i'll change the existing ones in crux-3.3 for python213:59
Romsteri don't want to disrupt crux 3.2 to much13:59
pedja3.3 is disruptive enough, with The Great Contrib Wipeout :)14:00
pedjait was time to clean the cruft14:00
Romsterthat was time to be done.14:00
pedjasince I made Docker image from the updated 3.2 iso yesterday, it's time to actually start to use it.14:03
pedjaI see a cleanup in xfce's repo future :)14:04
Romsterpedja, give that a go it's pused fro crux 3.2 for python214:34
Romsterwill do python3 but not tonight it's 1:34am now and i am fatigued14:35
pedjaI sometimes forget that you're down under :)14:36
pedjaI'll try setuptools update later on 3.2, and report back.14:37
rmullThanks to all you folks sorting out the python stuff - much appreciated14:37
Romsterwell lets hope it is sorted.14:39
Romsteri am sure a few will comment over it.14:39
pedjaweird.i get 'pip not found in ports tree' with prt-get deptree setuptools14:42
pedja(in 3.2 container)14:42
pedjaand I ran 'ports -u' just now.14:43
RomsterCheckout six/pip/14:44
Romster Checkout six/pip/.footprint14:44
Romster Checkout six/pip/.md5sum14:44
Romster Checkout six/pip/Pkgfile14:44
Romsterfuck me -_-14:44
pedjayou're tired.go to sleep :)14:45
Romsterports -u opt14:46
Romsteri'm not tired enough yet14:46
Romsterit'll work i did test it all in docker just didn't cd .. before adding pip14:46
pedjayay, it works now14:47
pedjanice job, Romster14:47
Romsterit will only bootstrap if setuptools is not already installed14:49
Romsterthanks for pointing that out14:50
Romstersome didn't even have pyo files so i added the optimize14:53
pedjayup, 'prt-get depinst setuptools' works fine,I know you know, but still :)14:54
Romster-- Packages updated15:00
Romsterprt-get: updated successfully15:00
Romstersudo prt-get update six pip ; sudo prt-get install appdirs pyparsing packaging ; sudo prt-get update setuptools15:00
Romstersince i already use six15:00
pedja--update switch to depinst would be handy right about now15:01
Romsterthink it's a job well done. even though i did move and edit two of teK_'s python ports... and put in opt. kept tek as the maintainer of them two. so i'll get the wrath of that when teK_ finds this.15:01
Romsterhmm would be15:02
Romsternever thought of that, and it's not in the man page.15:02
pedjait's a WIP, iirc15:02
pedjasomeone is working on it, can't remember who(m)15:03
Romsteri usually get ideas from other distros to fix my ports but this time found this solution myself.15:03
pedjaI see that you use to install some setuptools dependencies.neat.15:12
pedjathat installs pip local to the build, right?15:15
Romsterand then i add that to the path15:15
Romsterso python sees it15:15
pedjaas I said, neat15:15
Romsterit is15:16
pedjaone of my ports does something similar for bundler15:16
Romsterfpc and ghc both bootstrap themselfs15:17
Romsterthat still took some thinking and testing.15:18
Romstermust be what 10am for you pedja ?15:18
Romster2:18am and i started on my first beer a little while ago15:19
pedjawell, enjoy it15:19
Romsteri'll be in bed soon15:20
Romster4pm ah be nearly tea time15:20
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pedjaRomster, it's 3am on a Saturday for you?15:34
pedjado you, people in the future, have flying cars yet?15:35
Romsteri wish15:57
Romsteryeah 3am almost15:57
Romsteri'm off to bed, good night16:03
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teK_Romster: feel free to grab pip but notify me before you would drop it (some far far distant day in the future)18:08
teK_frinnst: sure, will fix this in a minute18:08
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teK_Romster: no wrath from me, I was not highlighted above so I may have not been aware..20:53
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RomsterteK_, it was two and one was out of date and 404 source. i did highlight you :) but all good.22:46
jaegerI'm hoping to test -rc4 tonight and upload it if it seems ok. Been too busy to do it before23:22

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